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Improve KYC Process Using Face Authentication

face authentication for identity verification

iDenfy launches a face authentication toolkit to authenticate your existing customers by minimizing the account takeover threats

There is a constant threat of account takeover to perform high-value transactions or change your sensitive account data. All of those actions should be secured using additional verification. Yet it has to be seamless and not make the customer journey a total hassle. Does it sound like an impossible task? Not for iDenfy, since if you think about it, all the necessary authentication data is already in your body. A face is one of the biometric identifiers perfectly suited for authentication. All you have to do is to utilize it well.

We’ve designed facial recognition solution with just 3 steps:

Your service will get an instant result whether the customer performing face authentication is the one who completed identity verification in the first place.

This facial authentication module can be integrated into your onboarding flow within hours and customized to match your brand guidelines by making it more familiar for your customer. We can’t wait to see your upgraded onboarding process!

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