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Raminta Bastikaitytė: Colorful, Punctual, Ambitious, and Motivated


The working environment at iDenfy is far from dull. But don’t just take our word for it – we’re here to introduce the perspectives of our employees.

Raminta Bastikaitytė is the Head of the Verification Department at iDenfy. She will be the first to share about herself and her experience at the organization.

Distinctive Hobbies

How does our dear Head of Verification Department like to relax and escape the worries of the everyday? Perhaps she likes to take a long bath? Maybe her rest includes a glass of wine and a warm blanket? Wrong!

After a long day, Raminta spends her time with a coloring book. “Color therapy,” as she calls it, allows Raminta to stay sharp and focused as well as helps her regain composure. It’s leisure that she urges everyone to try for themselves. 

“This activity is very relaxing. It help me concentrate and leave all worries behind”

Inside the Personality

If there’s anything that helps Raminta stay organized and self-assured, it’s her remarkable time management skills. Her schedule is neat and tidy, she is never late, and she always does her part of the work on time. A well-put schedule even allows her to have her color therapy sessions in between. It’s certainly a skill to be proud of, and we could all benefit if Raminta taught us the ways. 

First Job Experiences

It’s not often that we find ourselves where we want to be right away. The beginning of Raminta’s work experience was at a coffee shop when she was still a student. Even though she knew the job was only a pitstop, it did not prevent her from having a great time. She met new people, laughed, and enjoyed herself. The working experience was also valuable, as is in any job, especially the first one. 

“It’s an entirely different experience that working at iDenfy, but that’s the beuty of it – trying something news and exciting is where the fun’s at.”

The Road to iDenfy

Raminta found her way to iDenfy as an intern at first. She recalls the period as delightful, and the time flew by. She learned of the inner workings at iDenfy and met its team. People at the organization made Raminta feel comfortable being there, which led her to ask for a full-time position once the internship was over. Even though there wasn’t an open position available for the time, Raminta received a call just a couple of days later, inviting her to discuss a job opening. It was in June 2019, and the end result made Raminta love the summer even more – she became a part of iDenfy’s team and has remained here ever since. 

“The sadness I felt when I found out there was no position for me on the team turned to joy at moment’s notice when I received the call just days later. I could feel drawn to the company, and the feeling turned out to be mutual.”

The Work Environment

Since most of the work is remote at the moment, Raminta describes her workplace to be a calm spot at home with a great view of nature – providing excellent lighting for both the team calls and the perfect mood. 

As in every other job, working at iDenfy has challenges of its own. To Raminta, the most challenging aspect of her work is the amount of new information she receives each day. 

“It’s not easy to remember everything. Not only that, I then have a reliably convey the information I receive to everyone else.”

The Team

Now, how does working at iDenfy look like from inside? To Raminta, the most enjoyable part about her job is related to the people within. Everyone is friendly and down-to-earth. After every virtual meeting, they all indulge in discussing their exciting personal matters. 

“We talk about the days of our lives, exciting news, and experiences – it’s as if we’re all friends who met up to chat. We discuss our plans for the weekend and share what activities we look forward to.”


Finding motivation at iDenfy is not hard for Raminta. She says that the environment is filled with it in the workplace – the team notices and values her work. 

“I feel that my colleagues appreciate the work I do and it’s extremely motivating to hear the words of gratitude and praise.”

Additionally, Raminta finds the motivation to do what she does within herself – the more she does, the more capable she feels. Every piece of work, no matter how small, is an important milestone and makes Raminta feel better about herself and her work in the company.

Most Memorable Moment 

Raminta says there are many great moments in the company to remember. iDenfy’s yearly parties are one of them. Not only does it mark the end of summer, but the team also celebrates the company’s birthday. 

It’s very exciting to meet everyone casually, outside the work environment – especially now, when most of us work remotely.”

Fun as the yearly parties are, Raminta names her promotion as the most memorable moment at iDenfy.

I felt my efforts were valued and noticed when I received an offer to be promoted. It also made me realize that I am capable and am doing everything right. I knew right away I would accept the offer and won’t take it for granted.”

We are delighted to have Raminta as our Head of the Verification Department. It is also exciting that the feeling is mutual!

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