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Choose how you verify real identities

Integrate and customize your identity verification flow without heavy engineering. Fight fraud proactively while staying compliant with the ever-changing KYC and AML laws.


Onboarding for 190+ countries
iDenfy extracts data in 0.02 seconds from 3000+ documents. Web, iFrame, or mobile apps – the choice is yours.


Human supervision within 3 minutes
In-house experts double-check verifications to improve accuracy and the overall customer approval rate without any internal intervention.


3D liveness detection and anti-spoofing
Patented 3D liveness detection technology instantly spots fraudulent verification attempts while scaling your verification volumes without hassle.

Stop overpaying for denied verifications

Estimated savings

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The fintech industry has an average success rate of 80% when onboarding customers. We calculated approximate savings for cases when you pay for all (denied and approved) verifications. Please note that your results can differ.

How much do I save with iDenfy?

iDenfy optimizes budgets and covers denied verification costs when customers:

  • Provide blurry and poor-quality images
  • Exit the verification session
  • Attempt to use face masks, altered documents, etc.

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Scan and monitor your customers

Automatically scan customers and eliminate potential attacks by receiving real-time notifications. Reach global markets and ensure compliance easier.

  • Access watchlists, sanctions lists, and PEPs
  • Conduct ongoing monitoring
  • Filter adverse media
  • Use API for easy integration


Verify businesses and stay compliant

Benefit from KYB business registries and customized automation to save up to 30% time for your compliance team.

  • Access 180+ company registries from 120 countries
  • Download credit reports and review credit ratings
  • Screen UBOs and receive real-time shareholder data
  • Use custom rules to flag sanctions or PEP findings

Go big and expand your coverage

iDenfy’s transparent KYC solution for due diligence supports over 2000 different types of identity documents from more than 200 countries and territories.

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Guarantee security with insurance

Master the complex security landscape without stress. All iDenfy’s products are protected with the number one cyber insurance package and the Technology Errors & Omissions insurance.