ID verification

ID Document Verification

We love automating processes, that’s why our automatic ID document detection recognises document by type and country. Currently we support more than 1300 documents from more than 200 countries.

Next, it verifies that the information provided in the identity document is not forged or tampered with in any way, meeting security requirements every time, always. Now that is efficient.

Data scanning

Full Name, Dob, Document number, Expiry date…all of the above-mentioned information is scanned, extracted and validated.

Face recognition

Face detecting algorithms, powered by machine learning automatically recognises facial biometrics (over 128 different points), runs in-depth analysis and verifies that it’s an ID photo.

Surface analysis

Runs a series of technical checks with a goal to conclude if a document is real. Processed algorithms detect if a document image is not fraudulent.

Encoding scan

Checks if encoded data is valid. A series of algorithms based on ISO/IEC 7501 standards, conduct document information compliance checks.

OCR Auto-Fill

The great thing about it is that it’s fully automated.

We employ a fancy AI tech to do all the complex work (OCR), which means it’s all done without any human interaction. Making the process fast, smart and super effective. Following details are scanned from the document during 0.02 sec.:



Document number

Expiry date

Date of birth (DOB)

Personal ID numebr



Document issuing country

Document type

💡Some facts

The average time of registering these details for a trained person takes around 47 seconds (yeah we tested it..) meanwhile, our system manages to approve 2253 documents at the same time.

OCR Auto-Fill

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