Deepfake Technology: What Are These Fake AI Videos?

You know what they say? Eyes don’t lie. But when it comes to deepfake technology, they definitely can. Learn how to spot artificial intelligence and its fraudulent fruits, aka deepfakes.

Image manipulation in identity verification

Image Manipulation in Identity Verification

Image manipulation in identity verification has become a significant concern for businesses across the globe. In this post, we will find out what exactly is image manipulation, and how technologies like AI, CNN, and Special CV filters can help us detect this manipulation.

Identity verification vs identity authentication

Identity Verification vs Identity Authentication: The Key Differences Explained

The terms identity verification and identity authentication are often used interchangeably. In this post, we’ll explore these processes, their roles, and how each Know Your Customer (KYC) measure can benefit different businesses.

Blockchain technology and identity management

Blockchain Technology and Identity Management: What it is, and How it Works

This blog will guide you on what exactly blockchain technology is, and how it can give power to identity management.

Artificial intelligence (AI) and identity theft

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Identity Theft: What it is and Why it Matters

Identity theft is a rising issue, but like many things, it has a solution. This article will guide that artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning are ideal ways to minimize identity theft risk.

How to choose the best identity verification provider

How Do You Select the Best Identity Verification Provider?

How do I select the best identity verification provider for my company? What can they offer for my business? Primarily, they provide a platform for businesses to onboard customers remotely. They can also help minimize fraudulent practices, a consequence of which is the mitigation of risks that crop up during online transaction processing.

What is a spoofing attack and how to prevent it

What is a Spoofing Attack? Prevention with Liveness Detection

Spoofing involves deceptive practice in which cybercriminals pretend to be trusted entities or devices to manipulate users into taking actions that benefit them. That’s why whenever an online scammer conceals their true identity by impersonating something else, it counts as a spoofing attack. Read more.

What is biometric authentication?

What is Biometric Authentication? Definition, Examples, and Identity Verification Comparison

Discover how advanced verification technology works and understand how biometric authentication collects biometric data from an individual to compare it with the records of a specific device or secure area they are attempting to access.

What is AMLD5?

What is AMLD5? The 5th Anti‑Money Laundering Directive

On 19 April 2018, the European Parliament adopted the 5th Anti‑Money Laundering Directive. Read more.

What is anti money laundering?

What is Anti-Money Laundering (AML)?

We discuss what exactly anti-money laundering (AML) is, which industries are affected by it, and what businesses should do to ensure proper AML compliance.

Know your customer (KYC)

Know Your Customer (KYC): How Does It Work?

Know Your Customer or KYC is a vital customer identification tool that companies and financial institutions use during the customer onboarding process. Since its inception, KYC has become a significant tool to fight financial crimes and cyberattacks. Countering the financing of terrorism (CFT) and anti-money laundering (AML) define and constantly update their guidelines to fight financial crimes.

What is digital identity verification

What is Digital Identity Verification?

What is identity verification, and how it works? It is a question which often comes to our minds in nowadays world.