Well done!

We know, the legal bit is important and not always as straight forward as everyone wants it to be.
You managed it like a true pro, huge kudos for that, now we can move to the fun part – Integration.

iDenfy technical integration

Let’s get started!

 Right, here you will find everything you need for our solution integration.
To start using our API you will need two things – API key and API secret.
You can get both by contacting our team.

Complete documentation can be found in GitHub repository

Generate an identification token

A token is used to identify your client with our services

Read in GitHub

Client redirection

Redirect a client to our web or mobile platforms

Redirection to WEB platform

Redirection to WEB platform (iFrame)

Receive callback

Set a callback URL (to setup contact iDenfy team) to receive identification results

Receive identification result callback

Mobile SDK

If you have your own mobile application, you can integrate iDenfy directly in your mobile application

Mobile Android SDK

Mobile iOS SDK

User interface customisation

Customize iDenfy platform to your brand

WEB UI platform customisation

Android SDK Customisation

iOS SDK Customisation


Data safety is very important, here you will find how you can add extra security

Callback signing

IP white-listing



API Error messages