AML compliance with identity verification

Meet regulatory compliance with ID verification

Comply with regulations and directives affecting your business. Meet Know Your Customer (KYC), Know Your Business (KYB), and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) requirements.

Fraud detection with identity verification

Prevent fraud by securing your systems

Verify customer IDs with AI-powered biometric recognition service. Ensure quality identity verification with iDenfy’s team that manually reviews every audit.

Onboarding costs reduction with iDenfy identity verification

Minimize user onboarding costs and save more

Pay only per successful ID verification, save up to 70% of user onboarding costs, and increase the volume of quality customers by preventing fraudulent accounts.


Comprehensive solutions tailored to every industry

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Pay only by onboarding new customers without being charged for individual verification attempts. Once approved, start AML ongoing screening.

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Crypto & Blockchain

Integrate identity verification into your mobile app, iFrame, or web solution within a week. Fully compliant with all cryptocurrency AML requirements.

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Online Gambling

Comply with AML rules and start ongoing sanctions, PEPs, or negative news screening once a new customer is onboarded.

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Integrate identity verification with a single-step process with our official plugin support for WordPress, WooCommerce, Shopify, Magento, or Zapier.

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Transportation & Sharing Economy

Start immediate customer onboarding with passive document and selfie checks. SDKs, ReactNative and Flutter plugins fully white-labeled.

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Proxy Networks

Prevent chargeback fraud with online identity verification. Perform KYC and monitor users transactions.

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Start onboarding more customers

Integrate and customize your identity verification service flow without heavy engineering. Fight fraud proactively while staying compliant with the ever-changing KYC, KYB, and AML laws.


Onboarding for 200+ countries and territories
iDenfy extracts data in 0.02 seconds from 3500+ active government-issued documents. Web, iFrame, or mobile apps – the choice is yours.


24/7 human supervision within 3 minutes
In-house experts double-check identity verifications to improve accuracy and the overall customer approval rate.


3D liveness detection or passive verification
Patented 3D liveness detection technology instantly spots fraudulent verification attempts while scaling your identity verification services volumes without hassle. Passive verification detects fake documents from a single photo.

Stop overpaying for rejected verifications

Estimated savings

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Verifications (per month)

You would save



Our customers save up to 75% from verification costs if the business faces an inflow of declined attempts. We calculated approximate savings by comparing paying only per approved verifications versus paying per completed verifications. Please note that your results can differ.

How much can I save with iDenfy?

Pricing needs to be transparent. iDenfy optimizes budgets and covers denied identity verification costs when customers:

  • Provide blurry and poor-quality images
  • Attempt to use face masks, fake or expired documents.
  • Try to use documents from blacklisted countries.


Screen and monitor your customers

Automatically sceen customers and eliminate potential attacks by receiving real-time notifications. Reach global markets and ensure compliance easier.

  • Access watchlists, sanctions lists, and PEPs (politically exposed persons)
  • Conduct ongoing screening
  • Filter adverse media
  • Use an API for easy integration with ID document verification solution
AML compliance for sanctions, PEPs and AML screening with ongoing monitoring


Verify businesses and stay compliant

Benefit from KYB business registries and customized automation to save up to 30% time for your compliance team.

  • Access 180+ company registries from 120 countries
  • Download credit reports and review credit ratings
  • Screen UBOs, receive real-time shareholder data and perform KYC checks
  • Use custom rules to flag sanctions or PEP findings
Business verification software to onboard new companies and ensure AML compliance

Effective against all fraudulent activities

iDenfy secures startups, financial institutions, and digital services with a three-layer identity verification process to prevent severe identity fraud.

Forged documents

iDenfy conducts technical checks to detect fraud and verify information accuracy during online ID verification.

Compromised documents

We provide comprehensive ID verification, using AI and manual checks to confirm user authenticity.

Stolen or expired documents

We detect stolen or expired documents and identity information extraction in as little as 0.02 seconds.

Blocklisted documents

Include blocklisted documents, selfies, or contact details to prevent fraudulent attempts immediately.

Active or passive verification

3D liveness verification whenever compliance requirements specify it or passive verification for other occurrences.

Paying only per approved

iDenfy offers free document verifications and reduces ID verification costs by up to 75% compared to other solutions.


Increased verification pass rates with multiple integrations

Case studies

Get inspired by our customer success stories.

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iDenfy’s global document coverage and developer-friendly approach helped us to improve the user experience while maximizing the number of new customers completing the identity verification.

Ben Stewart

Head of Customer Experience at Everset

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Before iDenfy’s solution, we didn’t have enough effective security measures. Our team had to deal with increasing chargeback requests.

Dovilė Minkevičienė

Customer Success Manager at Cherry Servers

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If we had to do all this work on our own, it would require a new, in-house system, taking more time, focus, and costs away from our own products.

Karolis Toleikis

CEO of IPRoyal

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A critical factor in ensuring customer satisfaction is a secure KYC process. iDenfy’s digital onboarding solution is not only safe but also scalable. We can approve many customers without making it necessary to meet in person.

Jaroslaw Czulak


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With iDenfy’s AI-powered remote identity verification, we’ve managed to simplify the process for our clients. Even though the global pandemic is over, many of our customers prefer to use iDenfy because it’s more convenient and efficient.

Lili Metoieva

MD at Monneo

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The manual verifications that iDenfy has performed converted 87.10% of verifications to approved. This has been of great help for us as it drastically increased verifications for us without demanding any extra work from our own verification department.

Jonathan Säther

CEO of ITCS Trade

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Save costs by onboarding more verified users

Join hundreds of businesses that successfully integrated iDenfy in their processes and saved money on failed verifications.