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Identity verification trusted by 500+ organizations

Meet regulatory compliance using iDenfy identity verification

Meet Regulatory Compliance With ID Verification

Comply with regulations and directives affecting your business. Meet Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) requirements.

Prevent fraud using iDenfy fraud prevention solution

Prevent Fraud by Securing Your Systems

Verify customer IDs with AI-powered biometric recognition service. Ensure quality identity verification with iDenfy's team that manually reviews every audit.

Minimise user onboarding costs using iDenfy identity verification

Minimize User Onboarding Costs and Save More

Pay only per successful ID verification, save up to 40% of user onboarding costs, and increase the volume of quality customers by preventing fraudulent accounts.

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Save Up to 40% of Identity Verification Cost

Pay per successful ID verification and save up to 40% of identity verification services expenses

ID Document Verification Dashboard

ID Document Verification

  • Automatic ID document detection recognizes documents by type and country
  • Over 2000 supported documents received from more than 200 countries and territories
  • Identity information extraction in as little as 0.02 seconds
  • Runs a series of technical checks to detect fraud or inconsistencies and verifies if all the information is correct
Face recognition dashboard

Facial Recognition

  • Machine learning and biometric algorithms are used to scan faces, run in-depth analyses, and verify ID photos automatically.
  • After 5 million different face tests, the algorithm has a 98.4% success rate.
  • Detects photo and video spoofing, montage, and other graphic manipulations.
Liveness detection dashboard

3D Liveness Detection

  • Patented 3D liveness detection and anti-spoofing technology allows your verification volumes to scale without being compromised by fraud.
  • It also detects the use of digital images, 2D pictures, high and low-resolution videos, deep fakes, paper, and Hollywood and silicone masks.
  • Additionally, it detects sleeping or closed eyes, wax figures and real-life dolls, animations, and even 3D-manufactured projections or heads.
Human Supervision identity experts check

24/7 Human Supervision

  • Each verification is double-checked by our in-house team of identity experts.
  • An additional layer of security with manual liveness and fraud detection is done in the background.
  • The added layer of security increases the success rate of verification and accuracy of data extracted from multiple documents.
Anti-money Laundering Dashboard

Anti-Money Laundering Compliance

  • iDenfy's platform automatically checks international sanctions, Interpol, governments, lost documents, and politically exposed persons databases to ensure that a user is reliable.
  • The platform allows further compliance officer inspection.
  • Meet AML compliance and prevent the use of illegally obtained income.

Verified in 15 Seconds

It only takes your customer one smartphone and just four clicks to perform our ID verification process.

Customer review of identity verification service

Verification needs to be not just reliable but also quick. We needed a partner who could deliver on that. With their automated 4-step process, iDenfy delivers on all.

- Dainius Gulbinas

Chief Executive Officer at TopSport

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Effective Against Identity Fraud

iDenfy protects startups, financial institutions, gambling, streaming, ridesharing, and other digital services from identity fraud using a three-layer identity verification process. Our process protects your business from the most threatening forms of identity fraud, including:

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Forged documents

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Counterfeit documents

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Blank, stolen documents

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Fantasy or camouflage documents

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Impostor or "look-a-like" documents

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Compromised documents

Covers the Globe. Allows Fast Scaling

Already verified 31,828,003 identities

Our online KYC-compliant solution for due diligence supports over 2000 different types of identity documents from more than 200 countries and territories.

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Award Winning Solution

Company certifications

iDenfy is certified with ISO 27001:2013 certification

Software certifications

iDenfy's data centers is certified with ISO 9001
iDenfy use liveness dection which is certified with iBeta Level 1 certification
iDenfy use liveness dection which is certified with iBeta Level 2 certification
iDenfy's data centers is certified with ISO 27018
iDenfy's data centers is certified with ISO 27017
iDenfy's data centers is certified with ISO 27001

How is iDenfy different?

Founded before AML, fraud, and GDPR regulations were put into place, iDenfy pioneered identity verification. The company covers users' ID verification process in full, combining AI-based biometric recognition and manual human checks to ensure they are real users.

We use artificial intelligence to perform identity verification

AI-Based Biometric Recognition

We double check every identity verification manually

Manual Human Checks

All of our products are insured

All of our products are covered by Technology Errors & Omissions (Technology E&O) and Cyber insurance.

All of the iDenfy API services use 256-bit SSL encryption on every device