Trusted identity verification service

iDenfy is an online identity verification company, which helps to reduce frauds, makes your business smoother and more profitable. Turn your customer’s smartphone (iOS and Android) or computer into an 24/7 ID scanning terminal and facial recognition system that makes it fast and easy to capture and verify their identity to meet KYC (Know Your Customer) and other regulation requirements.


Identity verification solutions

ID document validity check

Check document authenticity
Parse information from identity document
✔ Determine whether document belongs to the customer

Face validity check

Compare selfie face with the face from the identity document
Liveness detection
Forgery detection

Meet goverment directives

Meet KYC, AML directives and European 910/2014 regulation.
Background check for politically exposed person and sanction lists.

User friendly

Checks complete automatically
Regular user identity verification takes 30 seconds
Most devices and browsers supported


Biometric face analysis

Biometric Face Recognition with the biometric analysis analyzing hundreds of elements and identifying real or fake person doing identification

Face matching

We will match document owner’s face photo with a live person. We analyze and match faces by more than 160 features using latest artificial intelligence technology

ID Document Recognition

Automatic identity document detection, recognition by document type and country. Verifies that the information provided in the document is not forged or without corrections

Biometric document analysis

The authenticity of the security elements is verified. State-of-the-art technologies provide the highest level of reliability

Highly Qualified Team

Our team was built from highly qualified members with rich experience in computer vision, artificial intelligence and security. We were born and now live in Kaunas University of Technology Science Park where we always equip young and talented persons who have passion to build new technologies with biometric analysis

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iDenfy trademark is owned and registered by Identifikaciniai Projektai Ltd registered in Republic of Lithuania (No. 304617621)