Onboard age-verified players and scale easier

Up to three minutes until verified. That’s how quickly our in-house expert team verifies each gaming user and ensures the required age. Restrict minors and fast-track players more accurately with a combined automated and manual ID verification flow while focusing on a smooth mobile-first experience.

Mitigate payment fraud with facial recognition

Your reputation matters. Forget passwords and use selfie biometrics to approve real players faster with 3D facial recognition. A 2-step Face Authentication ensures that it’s the same person who opened the gaming account to prevent fraudsters from withdrawing funds.

Automate compliance for complete security

Forget multiple providers. Sync automated compliance tools and secure your gaming network in one go. iDenfy’s extensive fraud prevention system offers device and network analytics, automated ID review, biometric extraction, and liveness checks.

Customize the experience to boost sign-ups

High revenue doesn’t match well with a lengthy onboarding process. Instead, increase your gaming community’s loyalty from the start. Deliver a custom-tailored experience and keep high pass rates by simplifying ID verification.

We are here to ensure real identities

We use our know-how to build solutions which would ensure real identities through the verification process.