Trusted by major fintech companies around the world

Reduce onboarding times with human supervision

Ensure anti-money laundering compliance and prevent identity fraud while using our human supervision to fully onboard customers within 5 minutes on average. No need to wait for the usual 1-2 business day review just to open a new account.

Eliminate fraud with facial recognition

Detect the most sophisticated fraudsters using facial biometrics and protect against identity theft. iDenfy’s advanced 3D facial recognition software can be paired with 2-step Face Authentication to create a seamless 15-second identity verification flow for financial institutions of any size.

Remove barriers to open new opportunities

Identity verification should support customers instead of creating a multitude of support requests due to document recognition issues. No matter the country or language, verify all customers. Our ID verification extracts information in 0.02 seconds: 3000+ ID documents from 190+ countries, including passports, ID cards, driving licenses, residence permits, and more.

Integrate identity verification with technology you know the best

Conquer new markets with ease and choose from multiple integration options, including SDK, API, iFrame, or web redirect. With iDenfy’s 24/7 customer support and documentation guides, customize your ID verification flow to fit your brand. We understand the usual development costs, and it is our priority to minimize them.

We are here to ensure real identities

We use our know-how to build solutions which would ensure real identities through the verification process.