Full-stack identity verification service

We combine advanced Liveness Detection, ID Verification and Face Recognition into a user- friendly 4-step verification process.

Recognised in Europe, America, Asia, Africa and Australia

Automated & checked manually to ensure reliability

Charged only per successful verification

Reliable ID Verification

Our automatic ID document detection recognises document by type and country. Currently, we support over 2000+ documents from 200+ countries. It verifies whether the identity document provided is not forged or tampered with in any way, and if it meets security requirements.

ID verification image

Data Scanning

Scans document, extracts and validates the user’s Full Name, Date of Birth, Document Number, and Expiry Date using premium optical character recognition for quick id verification.

Face recognition image

Facial Recognition

Our face-detecting algorithms use machine learning to automatically recognise facial biometrics (over 160 different points), run in-depth analysis and verify that it’s a legitimate ID photo.

Face recognition image

Surface Analysis

Runs a series of technical checks to conclude whether a document is real. Processed algorithms detect fraudulent identity document images combined with 24/7 human supervision working in the background.

0.02 second OCR Auto-Fill

We employ AI to do OCR work automatically, without any human interaction. This makes the process fast and fault-proof. In just 0.02 seconds, our AI scans the following data:


Document Number

Date of Birth (DOB)


Document Issuing Country

Machine Readable Zone (MRZ)


Expiry Date

Personal ID Number


Document Type

98.4% accuracy AI-powered facial recognition

Idenfy’s facial recognition system identifies and verifies a person from a digital image or a video frame. Our AI ran tests on 5 million different faces to understand their differences. These tests resulted in our system proving a 98,4% success rate, almost 5x higher than what an average human being.

Matches 160 face points in less than 0.5 sec.

Distinguishes real and fake faces

Detects montage and photos (spoofing)

Protects from other types of fraud

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Certified 3D Liveness detection

We run a trusted solution to separate 3D images from real humans, audited and certified by ISO. Liveness detection allows scaling without compromising security. Detects:

Digital images and 2D pictures

High and Low-resolution videos

Deep Fakes

Paper Masks

Sleeping or Closed Eyes

Silicone and Hollywood Masks

Wax Figures and Realistic Dolls

Animated Videos and Photos

3D Projection and 3D Heads

Ensured AML and KYC compliance

We help businesses achieve AML compliance — the set of laws, regulations, and procedures that prevent criminals from disguising illegally obtained funds as legitimate income. All collected information is returned to you via an API key for further Compliances officer inspection.

We run automated checks through the following databases:

Sanctions (EU, UN, OFAC, SECO, HM Treasury)

Politically exposed person list

Interpol database

Lost and stolen documents

Financial crime

Cheslav review of ID verification service

Being a virtual currency financial services provider, we must ensure that we avoid money laundering and counter-terrorism financing. For that, knowing who our customers are is critical. iDenfy helped us cope with that by delivering regulation-compliant solutions.

- Cheslav Sviridov

Operational Manager @ Emirex