Automated ID Verification

3000+ ID Documents from 200 countries and territories

Automatically recognize, verify and extract information from 3000+ identity documents across 200 countries and territories. From passports and ID cards to driving licenses and residence permits, conduct efficient and accurate identity document analysis on a global scale.


Facial Recognition, 3D Liveness Detection and Authentication

Advanced biometric and face recognition algorithms ensure that the faces analyzed are real and prevent the use of pictures of faces, 3D masks, and other fakes or renderings in the identity verification process. Three-dimensional face maps can be utilized as bulletproof user authentication and login methods.

ID verification process example showing name, age, document type, nationality, liveness and government registries checks.

Made with precision in mind

Screening verifications


Double down on AI-driven ID verification with our team of expert reviewers, who oversee all automated ID verifications and remove potential system errors, fraud attempts, or failures.

Reviewed within

3 minutes

Based on client needs, all ID verifications are checked within 3 minutes by iDenfy experts, who flag any issues for further review.

Success rate of


A combination of powerful AI and human supervision delivers an impressive identity verification success rate of up to 99.99% – and each day, we work to fill that final 0.01%.

Rated the best identity verification solution

With an average 4.9 stars and over 70 reviews, iDenfy is the #1 identity verification solution in customer satisfaction on G2.

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Practical Pricing

We can cover your denied ID verifications costs, so you pay only for approved checks or choose to pay per each completed ID verification while unfinished verifications are still FREE

Denied ID Verifications are Free of Charge

Pay only for Approved or Completed ID Verifications

Tailored with Trust

Our proprietary identity verification software and its associated features are 100% compliant with GDPR, CCPA, and all other latest data protection laws.

Data security is our top priority, as displayed by our full ISO-27001 information security management system certification.

Badges saying 'GDPR compliant, CCPA certified, ISO27001 certified.'

Optimized for Your needs

Effortless Functionality

Years of experience in perfecting iDenfy’s ID verification functionality and focusing on providing the best possible experience.

Customizable UI

The flexibility in the Identity verification flow is based on the client’s requirements to exceed customer needs.

Dynamic Steps

Adjustable ID verification flow with additional dynamic ID verification steps such as requirements for utility bills, bank statements, and more.

Data Storage

Bulletproof data storage for up to 10 years with the ability to erase stored data in less than 60 seconds following its creation.

Automatic Scalability

An unlimited amount of ID verifications are processed within a very short time - all while guaranteeing zero downtime.

Compatible with
2,000+ Apps

The identity verification service is compatible with multiple applications, from Gmail and Shopify to WordPress and Slack, it’s effortless to sync our ID verification software with over 2,000 apps and ensure reliable, affordable, and accurate ID verification across all channels.

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