Industry Leading IP Address Verification

Proxies are used in 97% of cyber fraud cases. An anonymous IP address (proxy) can be the first clear sign of fraudulent intentions. Whether you are in the process of onboarding a user or doing a transaction, scanning the geolocation of your customer can prevent unwanted losses.

A Broad Range of Supported Proxies

Our vast, anonymous IP address database, which is updated daily, includes all types of proxies/anonymizers::

  • Virtual private networks (VPN)
  • Residential proxies
  • Black market and private proxies
  • Premium proxies
  • Socks4/5
  • Hosting provider/data centers
  • TOR and public proxies

Intelligent Risk Scoring

We do not just detect the anonymity of the IP address in real-time; we also provide you with the risk score that can help decide the next steps of such transactions.

IP-Based Smart Verification

Assess the customer’s risk profile to match fraud probability with your existing policies, e.g., proceed with identity verification for higher risk occurrences.

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