Deep phone number check & validation

Recognize fraud patterns early by scanning multiple data points of the phone number.

Profound insight on a phone number

It is easy to request a phone number from your customer but that doesn’t mean it is easy to know what is behind it. Complete breakdown and validation of this crucial onboarding information can help defend against scammers & suspicious users.

Risk score based customer validation

Compiling a risk score from a set of data points behind the phone number can save you costs and ensure transparency. One quick API call will deliver crucial information and valuable recommendation on the next steps:

  • Risk score: High
  • Country of origin: USA
  • Original network: USA Fantasy Telecom
  • Current network: Cuba Telecom
  • Roaming: On roaming
  • Roaming country: Cuba
  • Roaming network name: Cuba Telecom
  • Availability: Reachable
  • Validity: Valid
  • Current route: Virtual

Instant results from one quick API call

SMS & TTS phone number validation

Double-check on your customers by sending them a one-time password via short message or “text to speech” message if SMS is not possible. Use it as an additional fraud prevention tool after a failed deep phone check or just as a part of your secure onboarding process.

  • Global coverage
  • Mobile & Landline supported
  • 2FA regulatory security
  • Unique OTP in seconds
  • Automated onboarding after confirmation
  • Risk score adapted

Effective within industries

We detected that “Deep phone number check & validation” delivers impressive results with:

  • Fintech
  • Gambling and Gaming
  • Banking
  • Blockchain and Crypto
  • E-Commerce & Retailor
  • Adult
  • Traveling
  • Sharing economy
  • Health care
  • Telecommunication
  • Transportation

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