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Build a damage-free safety standard

Customize your identity verification flow to meet regulatory requirements and stop fraud easier. Automatically detect fake ID documents to prevent minors and illegal drivers from hiring vehicles. Protect your brand to keep the damage off the roads.

Improve onboarding conversion rates

Combine AI-powered software and our in-house KYC team to maximize conversions and reduce customer onboarding time. Our experts manually review verifications in under 2 minutes while the software instantly approves authorized customers.

Create confidence on a global scale 

Expand into new markets with instant data extraction and verification of 3,000+ document types from 190+ countries. Set up a smooth sign-up experience and manage verification volumes easier without creating unplanned downtime.

Reduce costs and manual workflow

Drive growth with a truly cost-efficient solution. Pay only for successful identity verifications and save an average of 30% compared to traditional pricing models. Focus on your fleet management while our internal teams handle the rest.



How does our identity verification work?


To complete our verification, we ask the user for a few simple steps. These include selecting the issuing country and document type, taking pictures of their ID documents, and capturing a selfie. Depending on the situation, the customer may also be asked to upload documents verifying proof of address or perform 3D liveness verification.


Why do we charge only per successful verifications?


How much can you expect to save with iDenfy?


Why are manual identity verification reviews a must?


We are here to ensure real identities

We use our know-how to build solutions which would ensure real identities through the verification process.