For everyone, for every need

For communities
Provide greater security and anti-spam detection to boost engagement & prevent fraudulent activity among members.

For e-commerce
Create a custom checkout flow by requiring KYC for specific products. Impose age restrictions with our age verification solution.

For content
Use the iDenfy identity verification to ensure every member is verified to prevent payment fraud. Your customers can unlock content based on their verification status.

Integrate within 5 minutes

  • Upload our provided zip file in the Plugin section of your WordPress site and press on install.
  • Go to the WooCommerce section –> Settings, select iDenfy verification, provide API key and API secret and you’re all set.
  • Start benefiting from custom metadata fields and include verification in different customer purchasing steps.

Automated ID Verification

3000+ ID Documents from 200 countries and territories

Automatically recognize, verify and extract information from 3000+ identity documents across 200 countries and territories. From passports and ID cards to driving licenses and residence permits, conduct efficient and accurate identity document analysis on a global scale.


Facial Recognition, 3D Liveness Detection and Authentication

Advanced biometric and face recognition algorithms ensure that the faces analyzed are real and prevent the use of pictures of faces, 3D masks, and other fakes or renderings in the identity verification process. Three-dimensional face maps can be utilized as bulletproof user authentication and login methods.

ID verification process example showing name, age, document type, nationality, liveness and government registries checks.

Rated the best identity verification solution

With an average 4.9 stars and over 70 reviews, iDenfy is the #1 identity verification solution in customer satisfaction on G2.

G2 satisfaction score table