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Onboard customers in 15 seconds

Stop making your customers wait for successful verification. Let’s say you’re launching a public token sale. If customers are forced to wait for the approval of identity verification, they immediately lose interest in your project, thus negatively impacting your marketing. On top of that, our in-house experts manually review the verification in 3 minutes: you receive a Webhook result, and your customer is ready to go.

Save costs on integration

Integrate API fast and launch all verifications in a separately generated URL or the iFrame window. If needed, add ID verification to your mobile app with Flutter, React Native, or native Android/IOS SDKs within 2 hours. We always focus on building comprehensive documentation, but our tech support team is also ready to help.

Make risk assessment before onboarding

To prevent fraudulent activity when working with NFTs or any blockchain transactions, perform IP and phone verification to build the customer’s risk profile. Linking that data to the specific wallet address helps compliance teams assess whether complete onboarding is required or whether it can be postponed until fiat withdrawal.

Reauthenticate for high-risk transactions

Prevent fraud occurrences at any stage of the customer’s cycle, especially when withdrawing funds or changing account settings. Forget lengthy 2FA procedures. Enhance customer experience with Face Authentication. Just two simple face gestures and the user is re-verified within 15 seconds using 3D liveness detection.

Different projects, same onboarding & compliance challenges

Token Launches

Comply with AML regulations and identify the onboarded customer for your token sales.

Cryptocurrency Exchanges

Onboard customers from 190+ countries with manual proof of address verification.

DeFi Projects

Use fraud scoring to link fraud probability with the customer’s wallet address.

NFT Launches

Screen project founders to prevent frauds by creating an additional trust layer.

Cryptocurrency Wallets

Quickly integrate compliant antifraud solutions with our mobile SDKs or WEB redirect features.

Your Project is Here?

Working on a new dApp, smart contract, or transforming fintech with DeFi?

We are here to ensure real identities

We use our know-how to build solutions which would ensure real identities through the verification process.