Security and Compliance

Our Mission

At iDenfy, security and compliance are essential to our mission to ensure our clients’ sensitive data are protected. To accomplish this mission, we adopted best practices designed to mitigate risks to protect against unauthorized access to information.

ISO Standards

iDenfy has been audited and certified by TÜV Thüringen to ISO 27001 under certificate number TIC 1512120135 on 2020-03. The audit is performed every 12 months by TÜV Thüringen.

GDPR Compliance

iDenfy is fully GDPR compliant. More detailed information can be found in our Privacy Policy.

eIDAS Requirements and ETSI standards

iDenfy is a Trust Service Provider under eIDAS regulation. This repository also contains the documentation required by applicable eIDAS requirements and ETSI standards. iDenfy TRA Service performs remote unattended identity proofing using hybrid manual and automated operation.

Documents in force

NameVersionDate publishedValid from
Practice Statement1.0.02023-03-122023-03-12
Terms and Conditions1.0.02023-03-122023-03-12
Terms and Conditions (Romanian)1.0.02023-03-122023-03-12

iDenfy Trust Service

Practice Statement
Terms and Conditions

iDenfy Insurance

Insurance Certificate

iDenfy Certification

ISO 27001 Certificate (2023)
ISO 27001 Certificate (2022)
ISO 27001 Certificate (2021)
ISO 27001 Certificate (2020)

Third-party Registers

The registers are used in these countries during the identification procedure in the iDenfy Trust Service to verify the validity of the documents.

Lost / Stolen Document RegisterLithuania
No registriesRomania

Incidents and status

Real-time status and incidents can be viewed and subscribed to via the iDenfy status page.

Changes and updates

Updated security documents will be published and notified via repository and by email to subscribers, customers, and supervisory bodies.

History and previous versions

2023-06-02Added ISO 27001 certificate of 2023