Personalize verification flow to maximize security

Chargeback or account takeover fraud make up a tiny piece of the endless list of potential risks. Use a single identity verification tool to protect your business from malicious attacks. Depending on the risk level, customize your flow to restrict specific proxies while blocking known actors and repeated attempts to pass verification.

Instantly detect stolen proxy users

Fraudsters steal popular proxies from established brands to resell them on the rising underground shops of the black market. Act now and create an effective risk management system to prevent proxy resellers and bad actors from onboarding.

Protect your proxy network and its IP reputation

Hackers use proxy services to send viruses and spam, automatically assigning their IP addresses a negative reputation. The more blacklisted IP addresses, the higher chances that the proxy network will be marked as spam. Track proxy databases to prevent malicious users from accessing your network.

Identify malicious proxy use cases

An onboarding process to your dashboard without KYC leaves huge security holes, making it easy for fraudsters to exploit any system. Utilize our fraud detection tools to build a secure relationship with your customer and determine if they’re using proxy services for malicious purposes.

We are here to ensure real identities

We use our know-how to build solutions which would ensure real identities through the verification process.