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Create a risk profile

Set rules, adjust importance, and change risk levels range according to your risk management needs.

Automate processes

Save time for your team by checking customer risk scores quickly and automatically.

Meet regulatory requirements

Get all the historical data you need for the audit process or your internal policies with just one click.

Fully customisable Client Risk management

Tailor categories, rules, and weights to your specifications, ensuring comprehensive insights into individual and business risk profiles.

  • Add categories
  • Add override rules
  • Select risk rules from the library or create custom ones
  • Get risk of individuals and businesses
  • Assign weights for each category
  • Override risk manually
  • Save & secure all data for up to 8 years

AML Risk Assessment synched with KYC and KYB

Implement a risk scoring system where accuracy is critical, and errors are unacceptable.

  • Traditional manual calculations using spreadsheets are time-consuming, costly, and prone to human errors.
  • Utilize our integrated AML risk assessment tool, which delivers precise risk calculations in seconds without interrupting customer onboarding.
  • Optimize efficiency, reduce costs, and eliminate human errors with our automated risk scoring system.

Frequently asked questions


How is risk scoring calculated in the assessment tool?


Risk is calculated on a weight-based system. Each risk category contains several rules, and the system sums the maximum possible result from each rule to determine the risk score, which ranges from “Very Low” (1) to “Very High” (5). Each category’s risk is then adjusted by its weight to calculate the overall risk score for a client.


What steps are involved in setting up the KYB risk assessment tool?


What is an override rule?


How does the system handle human errors commonly seen in manual risk assessments?


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Save costs through Automated Risk Assessment

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