AML Regulations in the USA: Everything You Should Know as a Business Owner

Since 2002, more than 38 institutions in USA have reached settlements or pled guilty due to non-compliance with AML regulatory requirements and paid substantial fines in settlements. Take a look on how to get compliant in USA.


Case Study: IPRoyal

Press the button to download the case study and learn how IPRoyal achieved a 70% reduction in time to verify new users.

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NFTs and why KYC prevents fraud

Frauds in NFTs And The Need For KYC

NFTs are believed to be the web3 technological tool that would change the internet economy. While web3 believers have high hope for what NFTs will become, the fraudsters of the internet are making moves in every way to outsmart creators, collectors, and investors.

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How to Verify Proof of Address in 2022? Here’s the Complete Guide

How exactly does the proof of address process look like? Our step-by-step guide will answer all questions related to Address Verification.

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Learn how PROFI CREDIT improved security with iDenfy’s solution & click the button below to download the case study.

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Case Study: Monneo

Learn how Monneo enhanced customer onboarding with iDenfy’s ID verification solution & click the button to download the case study.

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AML Guidelines in the European Union. What Should Financial Companies Know When Applying Business Verification?

Over the past decade, the EU has been considering how to combat the potential illicit flows through banks and other financial institutions. It’s clear that stricter financial processes call for a more robust action plan from all financial players. This time, we’ll review the EU and its standards by providing all the necessary guidelines.

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Case Study: ITCS

Learn how ITCS Trade onboards its customers five times faster with iDenfy’s automated ID verification & hit the button below to download the full case study.

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Ugnė Explains What it Means to be a Team Lead

Hello, September! While the weather is getting colder, we advise you to grab a cup of coffee, sit back and relax while you learn more about another wonderful member of the team – Ugnė – our Data Review Specialists’ Team Lead.

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How to Check if a Company is Legitimate

Especially in business, signing a contract without doing detailed research can result in becoming a money laundering channel. That’s why in today’s complex digital environment, it’s essential to take your time to research every single company that you’re interested in doing business with. 

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How Viktas Got Interested in Technology as a Kid

Are you enjoying Summer as much as we are? Even though we aren’t planning to stop releasing new products and exciting, unique features, August is the third and, unfortunately, the last month of summer. Yet it’s the perfect time to recharge your batteries by appreciating the long, warm, joyful summer days. Today’s your lucky day, …

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Top 3 Things to Look for in an Identity Verification Mobile SDK

Mobile identity verification SDKs are necessary for fintech mobile applications. The study reveals that 97% of millennials use mobile banking applications. As a result, KYC compliance is a must for financial institutions. The question could arise whether mobile SDK is required or whether web flow is sufficient. The truth is that not a single customer …

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Face authentication recognises a fraudster

Face Authentication: Why It Completes Your Identity Verification

KYC is a perfect choice for onboarding your customer. It is quick to do and provides all the required information the business needs to know. Coupled with the AML compliance tool, it might seem that your current onboarding process is complete. However, a missing piece here is customer re-authentication after the initial onboarding. This blog …

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