What Is Adverse Media Screening? Effective Practice for AML Compliance

Adverse media refers to any negative or bad information published about brands, companies, and individuals in various media outlets. But why is it important? Well, first of all, screening negative news is crucial for businesses as it helps them steer clear of any association with harmful entities involved in money laundering or terrorist financing.

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Know Your Business (KYB): Everything You Need to Know

Verifying the legal status of a company, identifying its beneficial owners, and monitoring risks to ensure ongoing compliance are all important stages of Know Your Business verification. But this process remains a mystery to some organizations, often resulting in many challenges.

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Learn about key differences between AML and KYC compliance

KYC and AML Compliance: Key Differences and Best Practices

KYC, AML, CDD… Similar but very different compliance terms that people tend to confuse. While regulations vary across countries and different areas, nowadays, not only financial institutions but many other businesses need to know the differences between the mentioned components to maintain effective Anti-Money Laundering programs.

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Learn how to integrate identity verification in Shopify with Zappier

Identity verification in Shopify with Zapier

In this guide, you will learn how to integrate identity verification into your e-commerce website powered by Shopify within ~15 minutes. To make integration fully customizable on your end, we will use our official Zapier plugin to automate workflow.

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Why You Should Spend More “Me” Time: Gabija’s Story About Balance And Persistence

How can you ensure that customers feel their needs are being met? Well, there are many factors. One of the key ones is that your business needs a responsible person who handles most one-on-one client interactions. At iDenfy, we have that person, and she’s one of the best people out there. Tag along to meet our Account Manager, Gabija Glušauskienė.

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AML Compliance Program: Step-By-Step Guide in 2023

Fraudsters constantly launder money without getting caught. The only way to prevent illicit crimes is to follow AML compliance guidelines, which include proper internal operations, security policies, data monitoring, and fraud detection. In this article, we’ll explore real-life use cases and share some valuable tips on how to improve your compliance program.

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Is ChatGPT Secure? Here’s Everything You Need to Know 

ChatGPT reached a million users in less than a week. This is no surprise, especially considering the countless possibilities the human-like chatbot provides. From solving math equations, writing music, or grading essays, it seems that there’s not a single task that ChatGPT can’t accomplish. But once we go deeper, we realize there’s a fine line between its capabilities and newly created security risks.

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Learn on how to choose KYC provider for crypto project.

A Definitive Guide on Crypto KYC for 2023

It’s an open secret that cryptocurrencies were introduced to tackle the problems of centralization and lack of authority in finance after the 2008 financial crisis. They provide financial access to many but have also been used for illegal activities resulting in billions worth of damage.

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5 Must-Have Skills to Look for in a QA Tester by Karolis

Curious about the role of a QA Tester and what it takes to succeed in this field? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Get an inside look at the day-to-day responsibilities and life in iDenfy from Karolis Kurelaitis, our QA Tester’s viewpoint.

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Proxy Network: Use Cases and Identity Verification Tips

There’s an ultimate feature that describes all cybercriminals accurately. Spoiler alert – it’s the fact that they want to stay anonymous. For years, proxy servers supported malicious actors, helping them blend in and conduct dangerous crimes. But can identity verification end this era?

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Case Study: The Everset

Press the button to download the case study and learn how iDenfy’s identity verification service helped The Everset reduce fraudulent accounts by 83%

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The guide to decentralized identity in 2023

The Guide to Decentralized Identity in 2023

The internet has been turned into a gold mine for data. Users have filled up their storage banks with millions of data pieces, defining who they are both digitally and IRL. But now Web3 has birthed a new idea by which humans can safely engage with their data through digital identity.

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Know Your Business (KYB): Detailed Explanation and Examples

Know Your Business (KYB) helps companies understand every aspect of the businesses they have relations with. That’s why there’s no doubt that nowadays it’s a important part of not only regulated companies’ compliance assurance. But what’s so special about this solution? Tune in to find out.

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