Identity Verification Stories

KYB: What’s The Difference Between KYC

The complexity of money laundering might be a challenge. With the right tools and proper risk assessment, the dangers of fraud can be controlled. More businesses have become aware of this issue, trying to minimize the risks with KYB or Business Verification. Despite that, the question remains ‘How?’, as the number of millions for non-compliance …

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How to Create a Strong Password and Stay Safe Online

Are you using ‘test1’ as your password? If so, we’ve got some bad news for you — you’re practically volunteering to become a target for fraudsters. That’s why it’s time to leave ‘password’ and ‘123456’ behind. Believe it or not, many are struggling to maintain their password hygiene in this dangerous digital age. Unfortunately, recycling …

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Gintarė’s Guide To Leadership: Empathy Is Key

While many face different challenges at work, iDenfy strives to concentrate only on the positives. Of course, the major growth of the team proves that it’s working – we’ve almost doubled the number of our amazing colleagues in 2022. The bigger squad came with more responsibilities and opportunities. Today, we’re diving into another dedicated, hard-working …

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AML Screening and Ongoing Monitoring: the Guide

It’s no secret that money laundering is an issue that raises some concerns. The term was created at the beginning of the 20th Century when the world’s economy was affected by organized criminals or corrupt politicians. At that time, their earnings came from gambling, extortion, bribery, and theft. Naturally, the need to define the situation …

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Dangers of the Dark Web: How to Protect Yourself?

The internet is massive, with millions of websites, forums, servers, and databases that exchange information 24/7/365. But that’s only the “visible” side of the internet, which means that all these sites and servers can easily be found using Google and other search engines. This is the surface net, and below it is a different story …

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Highlights of 2021 – a Year of Growth For iDenfy

What a year! In 2021, iDenfy experienced a great number of exciting partnerships, attracted talented new members, reached a milestone in sales revenue, created various useful products, and received an assembly award for accomplishments in the identity verification world. The mission to stop fraud isn’t easy, but this year’s rapid growth showed that anything’s possible. …

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