How Does Student Identity Verification Work?

Explore the options for student identity verification and find out why universities and e-learning apps choose to onboard their learners using third-party KYC software as a way to prevent unwanted fraud scenarios, including forged documents, like fake student visas.

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Best KYC Software Providers in 2024

Best KYC Software Providers of 2024

Explore the latest coverage of best KYC software providers and recommendations on where each of the service excels the best.

Top 5 KYC Challenges and How You Can Overcome Them [In-Depth Explanation]

Learn the key reasons why companies struggle with KYC challenges. Find out how to build a proper identity verification process while keeping up with the regulatory compliance requirements and increasing customer demands — all while exploring real-life use case examples from various industries.

Best Identity Verification providers of 2024

Best Identity Verification Software Providers of 2024

Explore the latest review of best Identity Verification providers and recommendations on where each of the service excels the best.

Top 3 KYC Automation Benefits for Businesses

We explore the concept of KYC automation and its use cases, explaining how AI-powered KYC software can improve internal compliance operations for businesses.


What are the 3 Steps to KYC?

Knowing your customers properly isn’t possible without KYC or Know Your Customer. Chances are that as soon as you hear this phrase, identity verification comes into mind. Today, this process is also known for strict regulatory compliance across various industries and jurisdictions. What’s the best way to verify a user’s identity? How do we keep the balance between compliance requirements and user experience? What are the 3 steps to KYC? We answer all the burning questions and provide the latest insights below.

How to Choose the Best KYC Compliance Software in 2024?

The size of the KYC compliance software market was USD 9.50 billion in 2022. And there’s no surprise here. The rise in identity theft cases is a key driver behind the increasing demand for identity verification solutions. So the real question is – which one’s the best? We prepared a full checklist to help your business choose the right KYC compliance software.

Proxy Network: Use Cases and Identity Verification Tips

There’s an ultimate feature that describes all cybercriminals accurately. Spoiler alert – it’s the fact that they want to stay anonymous. For years, proxy servers supported malicious actors, helping them blend in and conduct dangerous crimes. But can identity verification end this era?

The guide to decentralized identity in 2023

The Guide to Decentralized Identity in 2023

The internet has been turned into a gold mine for data. Users have filled up their storage banks with millions of data pieces, defining who they are both digitally and IRL. But now Web3 has birthed a new idea by which humans can safely engage with their data through digital identity.

Understanding Web3 and its Security Measures

The static, the responsive, and the semantic are seen as how the internet has evolved. The evolution of web3 might be slow with current trends, but positive adoption is being noticed. The ultimate question that still gives headaches to some critics is the security factor. Tag along to find out more.

The Importance of KYC in Gambling and Casinos

More countries are legalizing online gaming, which led to gambling apps and online casinos being subject to KYC and AML rules. Find out what that means for the rising entertainment industry’s users and businesses.

NFTs and why KYC prevents fraud

Frauds in NFTs And The Need For KYC

NFTs are believed to be the web3 technological tool that would change the internet economy. While web3 believers have high hope for what NFTs will become, the fraudsters of the internet are making moves in every way to outsmart creators, collectors, and investors.

eKYC: the Future of Verification

eKYC (Electronic Know Your Customer) Explained

Explore the different benefits and opportunities that eKYC can bring to many industries and learn how to optimize compliance workflows.