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Generate AML screening report for audits.

Compliance with regulations

Generate reports required by local auditors to comply with the country’s compliance requirements.


Check sanctions, PEPs across watchlists

Sanctions, PEPs and Watchlists

Local and global sanctions lists, with all 4 levels of PEP risk with weekly updated schedule.


Check adverse media sources.

Adverse media sources check

An in-house searching service that automatically filters out articles with non-criminal context-related records.

Fully Automated AML Compliance Solution

Get notified instantly when any anti-money laundering risk database hit occurs during the KYC process.

  • Results in seconds
  • Seamless combination with the identity verification service
  • Fully compliant with auditing policies in multiple countries
AML single check after successful KYC verification.

AML Company Check

Check a company against the sanctions lists either manually, as part of the KYB compliance process, or as an API integration. Get an adverse media result with an included proprietary filtering algorithm for non-criminal records, e.g. removing articles, where content does not expose an actual criminal activity, but title does.

AML company check with Know Your Business integration

Worldwide internal PEP’s lists

International sanctions list

Law enforcement watchlists




What sources do you cover for PEPs and sanctions?


What is the update frequency and data accuracy?


How do you perform adverse media screening?


How to check companies and integrate with business verification?


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