Fully Automated AML Compliance

Check manually or get notified instantly when any anti-money laundering risk database hit occurs during the identity verification process so that compliance officers can act accordingly. Seamless combination with the KYC check ensures the most accurate results in seconds.

An example of a declined identity check because of issues within anti-money laundering databases.

Worldwide Internal PEP’s Lists

International Sanctions Lists:

  • FSE (OFAC Consolidated: FSE, SSI, Palestinians, Non-SDN, … )
  • World Bank
  • United, Nations – Consolidated sanctions list
  • United Nations – Development
  • SECO – Sanctions & Embargos
  • United Kingdom HM Treasury Consolidated
  • Registre des gels des avoirs (Consolidated with UN)
  • European Union – Consolidated list of sanctions
  • The Central Bank of the Russian Federation
  • Rosfin Monitoring Russia
  • Interpol
  • And More!

Law enforcement watchlists:

  • Europol: Europe Most Wanted
  • Most Wanted of United Kingdom – National Crime Agency (NCA)
  • FBI
  • U.S. Food & Drug Administration
  • Financial Crime Enforcement Network – 311 Special Measures
  • And More!

AML Company Check

Running a global business nowadays is becoming even more challenging due to increasing money laundering activities happening worldwide. When dealing in a multinational B2B space, even if not enforced by regulations, screening and monitoring an entity you are partnering with can be cheaper and easier.

Example of a high-risk AML check result status.

Global Adverse Media Sources

It has become increasingly harder to escape the eyes of the media while living in the age of information. Closing the loop of AML compliance checks with a negative news scan can save enormous amounts of time and reduce friction in the compliance officer’s work.

  1. Filter only the negative news articles and detect who is who
  2. Scale down the rate of false positives by crawling the internet in seconds
  3. Combine PEP and sanctions Monitoring with regularly updated adverse media results
Example of adverse media screening with a negative alert.

Global AML Watchlists & Negative News Sources Monitoring

For complete assurance that you are dealing with legitimate individuals or companies for the ongoing service availability, we recommend monitoring the risk lists daily. Upgrading your compliance strategy can bring benefits while regulations evolve each year.

  • Daily monitoring in two sources for complete AML coverage
  • Add monitoring users via a dashboard or automatically with an identity-check
  • Monitor entities and individuals
  • Whitelist false positives or remove entries completely
  • Audit trail logs
  • Add notes to team members for better efficiency


Example of an individual and company AML screening results.

Frictionless AML Services API

To add to multiple Sanctions and PEP lists, you can scan the negative news sources and even lost & found documents databases from selected countries. The more data is provided, the higher the accuracy and the lesser chance of false positives.

  • Name and surname of the person on the watchlist
  • Nationality of the individual
  • Date of birth
  • Suspicion name and reason for it
  • Accuracy score of the data provided
  • The last time the record was updated
  • Record status (active/not active)
  • Timestamp of the check performed

Individuals/companies are checked and charged after successful identity verification only


A graphic of different iDenfy features: AML scoring, fraud scoring, NFC verification, proxy detection and others.

We are here to ensure real identities

We use our know-how to build solutions which would ensure real identities through the verification process.