Case Study: Beera Station

Discover how Beera Station integrated iDenfy’s age verification solution to transform the onboarding flow on its app Tappster, which now enables age-appropriate customers from various countries to buy drinks seamlessly.

About Beera Station

  • Beera Station operates a unique self-service beer station network helping its customers pour their own beer.
  • Their stations enable customers to pour their own drinks, offering an innovative way for consumers to enjoy their beer.

Through their user-friendly app, Tappster, Beera Station empowers its customers by giving them the freedom to choose and control the type and quantity of beer they desire.

The automated machines eliminate the need for bartenders and help clients save time, which creates a simpler experience. This factor helps Beera Station revolutionize the way people can appreciate the flavor of their favorite drinks.

The Challenges

From an ethical perspective, illegal access to age-restricted products or services, such as alcohol or gambling, can result in difficulties for minors, their families, and society as a whole. But aside from protecting minors from its self-pouring beer machines, Beera Station also wanted to integrate a robust solution to the app that could tackle the growing problem of identity fraud.

First and foremost, Beera Station needed a fast and simple way to enforce the company’s age requirements for its app users. The company wanted to establish a trusted network that was built on transparency. This approach facilitated audience growth and expansion of the beer stations, aligning with the company’s core policy. 

Beera Station recognized the importance of compliance with legal requirements and ensuring proper age verification on its Tappster app to provide access to individuals of legal drinking age. 

Beera Station’s team set out to take the beer-pouring experience process online, building a secure and seamless journey for its consumers. To enable this experience on the Tappster app, Beera Station needed to start with identity verification. For the unique self-pouring beer station enterprise, that meant fully adhering to Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) regulations. But Beera Station’s goal with age verification wasn’t just based on compliance reasons. 

Ensuring that you actually “Know Your Customer” on the other side of the screen posed several challenges for Beera Station: 

  • Beera Station required a reliable age verification solution that could accurately authenticate customers’ age and identities, minimizing the risk of fraudulent access or false positives.
  • It was crucial for Beera Station to provide a speedy and user-friendly customer experience while ensuring compliance. The company understood that time-consuming verification could deter Tappster’s users and impact the overall business. 

“One of the primary factors beer consumers look for in our services is efficiency, together with a sense of security,” explained Shoval Vishengrad, the co-CEO of Beera Station. “People want to pour their own drink immediately but need to verify their identity and confirm their age. Our age verification process needs to signal trust for all customers.”

The Solution

While safety measures are extremely important, sometimes efforts to build trust can deter users from wanting to access the services. To overcome the challenge of fake IDs, Beera Station wanted to support a customer-first culture where beer lovers wouldn’t get frustrated when asked for proof of age.

As a unique self-service beer-pouring station network, Beera Station decided to integrate an end-to-end solution that could allow people to prove they’re of legal drinking age with quick government ID and selfie verification.

Beera Station had two key criteria in mind when searching for an age verification partner — a solution they could trust and a provider who could help them expand their network. iDenfy was able to offer an app-friendly technical solution with the ability to store data on their servers, helping Beera Station share information with regulators and enforcement authorities if needed. 

In particular, Beerastation’s app needed a solution to support and accurately verify its global client base: “We needed to make sure the age verification solution operated in a language our customers could understand and be able to verify IDs to confirm their age on a global scale,” added Shoval Vishengrad.

Using biometric technology and liveness detection, iDenfy’s age verification solution validates over 3,000 different forms of ID documents on the Tappster app, ensuring that the person attempting to access the self-pouring stations is the legitimate owner of the ID.

At the same time, iDenfy’s AI-powered software enables instant verification, allowing Beera Station to verify customers’ age and identity in real-time. This contactless method ensures a seamless and efficient customer journey, eliminating the need to wait in long lines. 

The Results

After integrating iDenfy’s age verification solution into Tappster’s sign-up flow, Beera Station can be confident that all IDs are legitimate and truly owned by their age-appropriate holders. iDenfy’s four-step verification doesn’t introduce friction into the onboarding process, allowing Beera Station’s customers to purchase drinks easily through the app. 

By leveraging iDenfy’s solution, Beera Station successfully automated its remote onboarding process. This streamlined approach enables Tappster app users to sign up and complete age verification within an average time of 60 seconds, resulting in a significant reduction of onboarding costs by 30%.

By entrusting iDenfy with age verification, data handling, and customer onboarding processes, Beera Station can dedicate more time and resources to expanding its self-service beer machine network. Implementing iDenfy’s solution not only guaranteed compliance with GDPR and KYC regulations but also opened up global opportunities, enabling Beera Station to expand its operations and scale effectively.

“We integrated iDenfy’s age verification solution into our app through API integration and customized branding. Moreover, iDenfy’s protocols are globally effective, allowing us the opportunity to expand into international markets without the need for country-specific adjustments.”

Shoval Vishengrad, co-CEO of Beera Station

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