Get started with simple integration

You don’t need the hassle of heavy coding. Onboard customers directly from your streaming platform. Implement our identity verification using different plugins and SDKs or choose to reduce integration time with iFrame.

Secure age-restricted content 

Verify even the largest customer volumes in less than 60 seconds and instantly reduce underage applicant fraud. Build a reputable streaming brand while saving up to 30% of costs with automated KYC/AML compliance.

Prevent fraudsters at any stage

Customize your onboarding flow to verify returning customers faster and prevent password attacks. Upgrade security by switching from 2FA to a user-friendly biometric reauthentication to stop every bad actor out there.

Reduce user drop-offs easier

Streamline AI-powered identity verification to avoid a high drop-off rate. Personalize the level of friction to flag risky users for manual review. Our KYC team approves each verification in less than 2 minutes.



How does our identity verification work?


To complete our verification, we ask the user for a few simple steps. These include selecting the issuing country and document type, taking pictures of their ID documents, and capturing a selfie. Depending on the situation, the customer may also be asked to upload documents verifying proof of address or perform 3D liveness verification.


Why do we charge only per successful verifications?


How much can you expect to save with iDenfy?


Why are manual identity verification reviews a must?


We are here to ensure real identities

We use our know-how to build solutions which would ensure real identities through the verification process.