Outdo the competition with NFC technology

Excel your customer onboarding journey with easily integrated native NFC ID verification. Customize a straightforward flow for chip-based IDs and e-passports to enable much-needed convenience.

  • Assisting customers with user-friendly guidance
  • Verifying identities in 40 seconds on average
  • Supporting Android and iOS (13 or newer) devices
A graphic of an NFC verification example with low-risk results.

Stop fraud easier with a feature-rich approach

Replace ineffective manual data entry with a verification frictionless flow. Combine NFC, 3D liveness detection, and human in-house expertise to benefit from accurate real-time verification.

  • Minimize verification time with instant NFC chip data reading
  • Enable spoof-proof verification with Public Key Infrastructure (PKI)
  • Cross-verify documents and security certificates with global authorities
An example of an approved identity verification using the 3D liveness check feature.

Complete the NFC Verification in a few steps

Create a custom NFC Verification experience

Choose how you build your verification flow. Implement our NFC add-on for greater security, even in cases where standard ID verification is already enabled.

Possible NFC verification flows:

  1. ID document photo + facial recognition + NFC
  2. ID document photo + 3D liveness detection + NFC
  3. ID document photo + 3D liveness detection/Facial recognition + NFC + additional documents (utility bill or similar)
  4. NFC + ID data provided via API (coming soon)
A graphic showing the possibility of a custom identity verification flow.

Boost conversions in every industry

Expand easier and ensure compliance in all regulated industries while keeping your user experience at the highest level, all thanks to NFC Verification.

Establish an extra layer of security for the rightful owner of the account.

Approve loans with confidence, knowing exactly who your customers are.

Prevent sensitive data of your customers from slipping into the wrong hands.

Experience quicker and safer remote client onboarding without hassle.

Save costs. Pay per successful ID verification

We are going to charge only for successful identity verifications in your system.
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