NFC chip-based identity verification

Bulletproof customer verification using (NFC) Near Field Communication technology

NFC identity verification solution

The most sophisticated and secure way currently on the market to verify identity using the latest government-issued e-passports and chip-based ID cards. The technology used in card payments or public transport is now available for effortless identity verification using smartphones.

  • All near field communication (NFC) equipped Android and IOS (13 and higher) devices supported for data extraction
  • Data decoding via server using encrypted transfer channel
  • In-depth chip authentication to prevent forgeries
  • ID documents security certificates are cross verified with issuing countries’ authorities to ensure validity.
  • User-friendly guidance during the NFC verification process
  • Identity verified in seconds with the utmost data accuracy
  • 90+ countries currently supported. Please check the complete list here.

Fraud prevention & transparent onboarding with NFC

As times and technologies move really fast, fraudsters are getting more and more sophisticated. It is getting increasingly harder to detect a forged document just from a look at it. That is why most e-passports (also known as biometric passports) or latest ID cards are equipped with a microprocessor chip that contains biometric data of the individual and micro antenna for communication with the chip.

The critical information of the ID document is stored in the chip.

Public key infrastructure (PKI) is used to authenticate the data encrypted in the chip which makes it spoof-proof for even the most advanced fraudsters.

NFC technology was approved as ISO/IEC standard back in 2003, so this is not a novel but rather a tested and proven technology mostly used in touchless payments and gateway security systems.

NFC acts as a bridge between biometrics information stored in a chip and the identity verification engine enabling additional validation using facial recognition technology.

Simple steps to complete the NFC verification

Customizable NFC verification flow

While this identity verification method requires a smartphone equipped with NFC reading ability that does not mean the process is not flexible. “Powered by iDenfy” means you have options to choose as to how the NFC verification flow will look like to your end-user.

  1. ID document photo + Facial recognition + NFC
  2. ID document photo + 3d liveness detection + NFC
  3. ID document photo + 3d liveness detection/Facial recognition + NFC + Additional documents (utility bill or similar)
  4. NFC + ID data provided via API (coming soon)

Different Industries approved

The remote onboarding process with NFC-chip verification opens new opportunities for even the most regulated and tough industries while keeping the user experience at the highest level.

  • Lending: provide a loan with confidence knowing exactly who your customer is using NFC identity verification.
  • Banking: quicker and safer remote client onboarding is here with NFC verification.
  • Fintech: NFC verification establishes another layer of security for the rightful owner of the account
  • Healthcare: Sensitive data will not slip into the wrong hands with NFC verification enabled.

Save costs. Pay per successful ID verification

We are going to charge only for successful identity verifications in your system.
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