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Know Your Business credit bureau report example

Governmental and Credit bureau reports

Connect instantly to 180+ company registries from more than 120 countries for original, real-time data.

Know Your Business forms creation example

Forms creation

Create forms for the onboarding company based on your compliance policies and send them to the representative to fill out.

Know Your Business address verification example

Address verification

Check whether the company address exists and understand potential risks.

Know Your Business AML ongoing company screening example

AML compliance monitoring

Include companies and individuals in ongoing AML compliance monitoring.

Know Your Business KYC verification creation

KYC verification creation

Create a KYC session directly in the dashboard after receiving all shareholders from company reports.

Know Your Business blocklist rule creation

Blocklist rules creation

Block companies from onboarding if they don’t meet your compliance processes.

Know Your Business shareholders ownership

Ownership structure breakdown

Determine the company’s first-level ownership structure or additionally check the full structure breakdown.


Set automations and save your time & costs

2 configuration options
Automations can either flag or block a company application. Once blocked, all other automations are not performed.


Governmental and credit bureau reports
Connect to 180+ company registries from more than 120 countries for official real-time data.


Cost and time saving with Ongoing Due Diligence
You can set automation whenever new data is submitted, which will be triggered once or continuously.


Create custom questionnaires for business verification

Use our questionnaires to gather company incorporation documents, financial data, or contact information. Create conditional questions, unlocking them only when particular answers are selected.


Configure custom Know Your Business flows

Customise a business onboarding form, add automations and make the seamless company verification process based on your preferences.


14 company fields
Include additional custom fields through the company form and request company documents.


17 representative fields
Collect the key information about company figures, apply KYC/AML measures, and explore more options.


Additional questionnaire and automations
Include extra questionnaires from your templates and choose the suitable automation or blocklist rules.

Verify businesses and comply with regulations

Onboard corporate clients, verify shareholders’ data and comply with KYB/KYC/AML regulations all-in one place.