AI Identity Verification
OCR Data ExtractionUnlimited fields in all plansLimited
Active 3D Liveness Detection
Passive Liveness Detection
Case Management System
Hybrid Verification Method
“Do it Yourself” Manual Review
“24/7 Done for You” Manual Review
Negatives Elimination with Thorough Human Review
Error Correction for Incorrect Country Selection
Error Correction for Incorrect Document Type Selection
Increased Data Extraction Accuracy (When OCR Leaves Typos due to User Mistakes)
Additional Fraud Pattern Detection (With Manual ID Verification)
Address Verification
Additional Face Duplicates Manual Review
Fully White-Labeled Mobile SDKs
Data Retention5 or 8 years5 years Maximum
PricingChoose How to be ChargedCharged for Each Verification
Pay per onboarded customer (all denied, unfinished verifications are free of charge)
Paying per every verification

(Starting at 1.75 USD)

(Starting at 1.35 USD)

Address Verification check

(Starting at 0.5 USD)

(Starting at 1.35 USD)

IntegrationAll Major PlatformsLimited Integration Options
API Integration
iFrame and Web Redirect
Dedicated Account Manager and Support

(Trained Experts for All Plans)

(Chat Widget for Starting Plans)

Mobile SDKs (Native Android, Native IOS)
Mobile SDKs Wrappers (React Native, Flutter)
E-Commerce Suite (WordPress, WooCommerce, Magento, Shopify)
AML Services
One-Off PEP & Sanction Check

(From $0.5 per Check)

(From $0.5 per Check)

Daily PEP & Sanctions Monitoring (With 365 Checks per Subject)

(From $0.0055 per Check)

(From $0.07 per Check)

In-House Adverse Media Checks (With Fuzzy Matching)
AML Company Check
Business Verification
Business Verification with Custom Rules Features
G2 Customer Reviews1st Easiest to Use8th Easiest to Use
Overall Satisfaction Score9875
Ease to Use0.990.9
Meets Requirements0.990.89
Ease of Doing Business With0.990.91
Quality of Support0.990.88
Ease Of Setup0.960.82

Automated compliance for complete security

While Veriff offers similar automated ID verification tools like iDenfy, including liveness and facial recognition checks, these steps can introduce friction in the user journey and cause issues for internal teams.

Using only an AI-based automated verification tool means that, as a result, you might encounter situations where you need to review denials to understand the reasons behind them manually.

Reduced onboarding times with human supervision

At iDenfy, we take a different approach by providing a comprehensive service rather than just a standalone tool like Veriff.

We have a dedicated 24/7 manual review team for each verification. This ensures that you receive accurate data, better fraud prevention, and a higher rate of approved customers. With our experts overseeing the verifications, you won’t need to worry about doing it yourself.

Optimized to save costs for your business

Our unique pricing model allows you to pay only for approved verifications, resulting in an average cost reduction of 70% for IDV expenses.

In the past five years, we’ve partnered with over 500 companies, ranging from small businesses to large enterprises. iDenfy has also been named the best identity verification provider in the market by G2 twice since joining the platform.

Case studies

Get inspired by our customer success stories.

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Quotes Payset logo

We’ve noticed a steady increase in the number of customers joining us each month, thanks to the improvements in automation and customization we’ve made by incorporating iDenfy into our KYC process.

Perry Asforis, CEO of Payset

Perry Asforis

CEO of Payset

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Quotes HollaEx logo

We can now provide a straightforward automatic KYC and AML system in the form of our easy-to-use Plugin, which has lifted the burden of manual documentation review.

Adrian Pollard, co-founder of HollaEx

Adrian Pollard

Co-Founder of HollaEx

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Quotes GOAT Finance logo

iDenfy seamlessly integrates with our AML, KYC and KYB policies, offering sophisticated and scalable solutions to ensure compliance in new markets. They make verifying users and companies across multiple regions secure, efficient, and simple.

Paul Andres Padilla, CEO of GOAT Finance

Paul Andres Padilla

CEO of GOAT Finance

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Quotes Beera Station logo

We seamlessly iDenfy’s age verification solution into our app through API integration and customized branding. iDenfy’s protocols are globally effective, helping us expand into international markets without the need for country-specific adjustments.

Shoval Vishengrad, co-CEO of Beera Station

Shoval Vishengrad

co-CEO of Beera Station

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Quotes mano.bank logo

To provide services to the fintech industry, we often work with local companies with foreign UBOs. Without iDenfy, our ability to serve such customers would be limited, as their solution has played a critical role in our ability to rapidly and accurately verify the identities of our clients.

Giedre Blazgiene, CEO of mano.bank

Giedrė Blazgienė

CEO of Mano Bank

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Quotes June logo

iDenfy’s integration was further highlighted by the great validation of our applicants, which allowed us to maintain our industry-leading rent collection rate of 98.9%.

Daniil Sigal, Director of Product at June

Daniil Sigal

Director of Product at June

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Guaranteed security with insurance

Master the complex security landscape without stress. All iDenfy’s products are protected with the number one cyber insurance package and the Technology Errors & Omissions insurance.