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How does business verification flow work?

Receive the full company information with just a few clicks

Step 1

Choose your preferred way to gather customer details: using your own onboarding interface, iDenfy's custom forms, or manually via the dashboard

Step 2

Collect the company and related beneficiaries' details for further processing

Step 3

Verify ownership structure, compliance screening, financials, and ID verification

Step 4

Use customizable automation for onboarding or make a decision on your end based on returned results


Eliminate bad actors with market-leading business verification services

Use the world’s most efficient fraud prevention solutions integrated into business verification services to detect bogus companies.

A list of iDenfy's business verification services like intelligent company's website and registration and activity address audits.


Comply with global regulations

Comply with anti-money laundering regulations and know your business requirements in the United States, Europe, United Kingdom, Australia, Asia, and other regions.

Business verification services are frequently audited and used by hundreds of companies.


Setup and customize your own rules

Set your own custom rules to cut back on the time it takes to approve an entity.

  • Instantly check if a business is active or dissolved. Then, flag and block the dissolved companies without engaging in further screenings.
  • Validate a company’s domain existence and inspect the registered location photos.
  • Block certain IP locations or activity codes from onboarding.
  • Run sanctions, PEPs, and adverse media verifications before proceeding to the business registeries or credit buerues.
A flow chart example of customisable business verification rules.


Access global business registries

Connect instantly to 180+ company registries from more than 120 countries for original, real-time data.

Data points:

  • Incorporation data
  • Shareholders and UBOs data
  • Historic data
  • Legal and activity status
  • VAT number
  • Registration authority
  • Registration date
  • Registration address
  • State of incorporation
  • Capital structure
  • Company officials data
  • Financial reports
A globe with arrows connecting different parts of the world with each other.


Worldwide credit and financial reports are at your fingertips

Business registries data varies from country to country, and sometimes you might not have all the key ingredients essential for making the right decision.

Reinforcing your due dilligence with another source may bring enormous benefits to your business verification procedures.

  • Current and past credit ratings
  • Contact information, including website info
  • Complete shareholders breakdown by type and number of shares
  • Court judgments and mortgage summaries
  • Employees, subsidiaries, and even advisors information
365 million credit reports database, more than 160 countries covered, instant access in English for all regions


Designed for different industries with a compliance team in focus

Approved by teams from multiple industries as all in one know your business – know your customer – anti money laundering and compliance platform.

Tools for easier processing of entities and shareholders include:

  • Automation rules and statuses
  • Audit logs and activity history
  • Automatic managers rotation
  • Email templates for additional data
  • Questionnaires and additional documents upload
  • Reports, comments, and compliance information
  • And many more tools…
Dashboard example with comment section, automated check statuses and compliance information e.g. name, PEPs, sanctions.

All-in one Business Verification Services

Onboard corporate clients, verify shareholders’ data, and comply with know your business, know your customer, and anti-money laundering regulations all in one place.