Enhance your Address Verification flow


The customer uploads the document photo that proves their address.

We compare gathered data and guarantee accuracy with human supervision.

The user confirms their address by logging into their utility provider account.

Combine manual and automated checks to confirm documents

Set your proof of Address Verification rules and integrate a straightforward onboarding flow to convert more users. iDenfy’s manual review will confirm that only pre-approved documents that aren’t older than 3 months are accepted:

  • Bank statements
  • Credit card statements
  • Utility bills
  • Residence permits
  • Insurance statements
  • Tax documents
  • Payroll statements
  • Residence certificates

Comply with regulations and reduce drop-off rates

Don’t push your customers to go through a lengthy KYC and Address Verification during onboarding. Check any document without the hassle and ensure compliance along with a user-friendly process in the same identity verification flow.

Customize your Address Verification to enhance user experience

Turn Address Verification into a custom-tailored experience and remove all the friction. Instantly collect the extra data required for a smooth onboarding process. Choose a custom name and request an additional photo of:

  • A special note or secret phrase
  • Customer’s face while holding their ID document
  • Document of the vehicle
  • Vehicles license plate number
  • Ownership of an item

Perform address verification via international or US lookup

Easily confirm that the address is legitimate by checking it across databases from 190+ countries. After completing the Address Verification check, you’ll know whether the address has an actual physical location in seconds, helping users onboard quicker.

Ensure accuracy with direct utility provider check

Screen any customer’s residential address after directly connecting to their utility provider to reach every market out there. When a photo of an ID document isn’t enough, adjust the flow based on the customer’s risk score. Simplify your proof of Address Verification and boost pass rates even when it comes to high-risk customers.

+9000 utility providers to stay compliant anywhere:

  • Electricity
  • Waste & recycling
  • Water
  • Telecom, cable & internet
  • Natural gas
  • Other

We are here to ensure real identities

We use our know-how to build solutions which would ensure real identities through the verification process.