Case Study: Cherry Servers

Discover how Cherry Servers evolved from traditional security measures for payment merchants and implemented a more advanced, AI-powered KYC system.

Results we achieved in our partnership


reduction in fraud rate while onboarding genuine users seamlessly


increase in the ID verification completion rate, with the majority of users successfully passing the KYC process on their first attempt

  • Before iDenfy, Cherry Servers aimed to make their cloud platform accessible in many diverse markets worldwide.
  • After iDenfy, Cherry Servers increased the sign-up conversion rate, helping the company scale faster.

The Challenges

In today’s digital landscape, secure remote customer onboarding is an industry-standard. This factor led the company to search for a new identity verification solution to ensure a smooth onboarding experience for its customers and lower the number of fraudulent payments in high-risk countries.

Cherry Servers noticed the need for a robust ID verification solution when attempts to complete fraudulent transactions started to rise.

The fraudulent payment attempts were driving the credit rating downwards. As Cherry Servers officials explained, the company started bumping into numerous fraudulent payment cases coming from different countries:

“Before iDenfy’s solution, we didn’t have enough effective security measures. Our team had to deal with increasing chargeback requests,” says Dovilė Minkevičienė, Customer Success Manager at Cherry Servers.

“Finding ways to reduce chargebacks, keep our revenue up, ensure customer satisfaction and mitigate losses all at one became a challenge.”

At that time, Cherry Servers relied only on payment merchant verification that applied 3D Secure credit card verification and lowered the number of fraudulent payments. But the issue persisted since this authentication method wasn’t available in all counties that constituted the company’s target market. 

The Solution

Cherry Servers partnered with iDenfy to build the best possible onboarding experience and reduce fraudulent payment activity.

The cloud service provider hit three main targets: created a speedy ID verification process, implemented an extra layer of security, and reduced the number of fraudulent payments.

After this collaboration, Cherry Servers noticed more sustainable conversion rates, all thanks to iDenfy’s AI-powered KYC solution. This switch from more typical security safeguards, such as 3D Secure, ensured global inclusivity:

  • iDenfy extracts and verifies data from more than 2,500 identity documents across 190+ countries.
  • The software is backed up by in-house experts who review each verification in real-time, ensuring complete accuracy. 

With the identity verification solution, Cherry Servers could accept a higher number of documents from various countries. At the same time, the company ensured compliance across all operating countries. 

“This fraudulent activity and constant chargeback requests were making our credit rating plummet. iDenfy’s ID verification resolved this issue, reduced fraud, and improved our conversions while allowing us to continue our operations smoothly.” 

Dovilė Minkevičienė, Customer Success Manager at Cherry Servers

The Results

Cherry Servers was able to implement iDenfy’s identity verification through an easy, straightforward integration process without any technical difficulties. Currently, users can conveniently complete the verification both on mobile and desktop devices. 

Since using iDenfy’s fully automated ID verification, Cherry Servers achieved the desired results aligned with their target goals. The cloud platform effectively prevents document forgeries and stolen credit card usage, reducing the new client verification time by 65%. 

Since 3D Secure wasn’t available to all Cherry Servers’ users, the company partnered with iDenfy. Consequently, the full-stack ID verification solution helped to:

  • Filter fraudulent payments.
  • Minimize the number of chargeback requests.
  • Implement identity verification in countries where 3D Secure wasn’t available. 

iDenfy’s biometric identity verification, where Cherry Servers’ customers take a photo of themselves to confirm they’re the legal owner of an authentic ID document, detects fraudulent documents. The user-friendly process stops fraudsters from causing issues on the cloud platform. At this point, Cherry Servers saw a 33% reduction in fraud.

🟣 More About Cherry Servers

  • Cherry Servers is a leading cloud platform that gives developers flexibility and full control to fulfill their multi-cloud strategy.
  • The platform ensures stable workloads and provides free technical support 24/7, aiming to maximize the cloud infrastructure’s efficiency.

Cherry Servers

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Cherry Servers is a global Infrastructure as a Service provider with a multi-tier secure cloud platform, offering a safe space for developing and hosting web3 and cloud-native applications.

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