Identity verification in the sharing economy

Identity Verification in the Sharing Economy

The sharing economy has many benefits – from minimizing environmental effects to offering self-employment opportunities to developing business possibilities. However, this industry has some challenges, as well. In this blog post, we will discuss those challenges and discover how identity verification can help them. Tune in!

Identity checks: fast and secure onboarding process

Identity Checks: How to Build a Fast and Secure Onboarding Process?

Identity checks are essential in modern times for any business. Not only do they help you determine if the information provided to you by your clients or customers is legit or it relates to a real person but also ensure that your prospective clients are not engaged in any fraud activities. Additionally, you avoid hefty fines for not complying with KYC and AML directives. If you want to know more about identity checks, here is the complete guide for you.

Customer due diligence

Understanding: Customer Due Diligence

CDD or Customer Due Diligence is an ideal way to determine whether or not a potential customer is worthy. It is a crucial element of managing your risk and protecting your business against financial crimes. If you want to know everything about Customer Due Diligence, read this post until the end.

Identity verification in the financial services industry

A Guide to Identity Verification for Financial Services

Identity verification is more relevant than ever for financial services. Not only its ideal solution to keep the identity-related frauds at bay but also prevent the fines for non-compliance with KYC/AML. Read this post until the end if you want to know more about the financial services industry, its challenges, and how identity verification solutions can help businesses cope with those problems.

What is digital identity?

What is Digital Identity in 2024?

A lot of people don’t know that their digital identity could be vulnerable to identity theft. Cybercriminals might use your crucial information for various illegal acts. If you want to know what digital identity is, what can put it at risk, and how to protect it, this blog post will provide you with all the right answers. 

Identity verification in the gambling industry

Identity Verification in the Gambling Industry

The online gambling industry is increasing across the globe. Still, it has to face numerous troubles, such as money laundering, credit card fraud, chargeback abuse, and more. Fortunately, identity verification solutions with face verification features can help gambling businesses eliminate such problems. Let’s get to know how identity verification can play an essential role in it.

What is facial recognition?

What is Facial Recognition? Definition, Trends, and Identity Verification Industry Insights

Facial recognition technology uses algorithms to analyze a person’s face, allowing it to identify and connect the unique geometry and features of the person’ individual identity.

How to spot a fake ID

How to Spot a Fake ID & Protect Your Business from it

Identity documents play a crucial role in both our professional and personal lives. But with the mass use of AI, more advanced methods of creating counterfeit IDs and all sorts of fraudulent increases. This post will guide you on how to spot a fake ID by combining technology and human efforts.

Meet the newest family member: Ripon Bhowmik

Meet the Newest Family Member: Ripon Bhowmik

iDenfy welcomes Ripon Bhowmik, a business development professional. Ripon serves as the Director of Business Development in the South Asia Region.

What is a cryptocurrency, and how does it work

What is Cryptocurrency? Key Facts & Security Tips

More and more people are investing in digital currencies, and some are also looking to launch their blockchain-based projects. But what about security? We go into more detail about identity verification in the crypto market.