Meet the Newest Family Member: Ripon Bhowmik

iDenfy welcomes Ripon Bhowmik, a business development professional. Ripon serves as the Director of Business Development in the South Asia Region.

Meet the newest family member: Ripon Bhowmik

Ripon is in charge of building the company’s global sales organization and business expansion. But what exactly does that mean? Find out in our newest interview.

A Business Development Professional

Ripon has been working in business development for most of his career. He comes to us with experience from Ria Financial (Part of Euronet), IDT Corporation, Payment Sense, and London School of Commerce. He can adapt quickly, work efficiently, think creatively, and work effectively.

As an account & business development manager, he loves the challenge of working within a dynamic and fast-paced environment. In his first job, he was faced with new challenges that helped him increase his portfolio.

“My first Job at London School of Commerce was as an international business development manager where I looked after South Asia and the Middle East. My portfolio has increased with time, and also additional responsibility like developing overseas campuses, managing the sales & marketing side of the foreign universities.”

Challenge Seeker

One of the biggest challenges he faced and memorized was a job in the higher education sector, where he had an opportunity to work within a diversified culture.

“Most memorable moments or challenges I would say working within the UK higher education sector where when I got the opportunity to work within the diversified culture, facing challenges to develop overseas partnerships. But every challenge makes me more knowledgeable about the overseas market, culture, and how to overcome the challenge.”

The Era of Global Digitalization

Ripon thinks that we live in an era where digital technologies will continue to disrupt and transform the global economy. Of the many new technological innovations changing how we live, AI technology may present the most exciting changes. Looking into the future, it is easy to predict a world in which artificial intelligence plays a more significant role in our daily lives.

“I think we are in an Era of digitalization, but it‘s still the beginning. The global economy is moving more and more toward digitalization, robotics, and AI. I believe iDenfy can position them very well in this Era.”

Building Global Businesses with iDenfy

Ripon is pleased to be part of iDenfy. He thinks that iDenfy has the potential to become a global solution, and he will try to help be in this position.

We are thrilled to welcome Ripon to the iDenfy board and are excited to continue what has already been a successful 2020.

“I think the South Asia Region is currently developing and growing very fast in technology and economics. In iDenfy, we see this region as a potential market. We are happy to welcome Ripon to our family. With his experience in business development in target markets, we believe in promising results,” added CEO Domantas Ciulde.

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