What is facial recognition?

What is Facial Recognition and Why Is Needed Today


Facial recognition has turned into a popular tool to authenticate the identity of an individual. In modern times, this technology has been used in various sectors and industries to prevent ID fraud and identity theft. If you want to know more about facial recognition and how you can implement it into your business, read it.

While the concept of facial recognition is not new, technological improvement has led to a massive proliferation of this technology. Today, you can see its usage everywhere – in passport offices to detect fraud in passports and travel visas; in airports to screen passengers; in police stations to scan the criminal data; in ATMs/banks to ensure the security of users; in organizations to keep track on the attendance of the employees, and more.

In addition to this, some web applications, social networking websites, and smartphones also use this technology to prevent data misuse. Probably, your Smartphone also has a face recognition feature to unlock it.

Regardless of where this technology has been used, its role is to verify a human identity and prevent fraud. In this post, we will know how facial recognition works, its role in identity verification, and who should use this technology. However, before that, let’s take a look at what exactly is it.

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What is Facial Recognition

To put it simply is a biometric technology that identifies and verifies an individual from a digital image and video. It captures, examines, and then compares a person’s facial details.

Importance of Facial Recognition Solution In Modern Times

In the current scenario, when identity theft is widespread, face recognition technology can play a significant role in preventing identity fraud.

According to a report of 2019, 3.2 million fraud cases were reported to the FTC (Federal Trade Commission), out of which, 20.33% of cases were identity-related.

Modern AI-enabled facial recognition technology offers a high level of accuracy and can match even the unique characteristics of a human face. Businesses and organizations of different types can leverage this technology to minimize the risk of identity theft to a great extent.

Below are some benefits of biometric face recognition solutions to businesses include:

  • Better Security

A biometric facial recognition solution can help businesses identify burglars, trespassers, and other criminals. Businesses can use it as a security tool to minimize identity theft.

  • Quicker Processing

It takes a facial recognition system second or less to recognize a face. In the era of cyber attacks and hacking, the businesses need this type of rapid technology to keep their systems secure.

  • Seamless Integration

Most facial recognition solutions are compatible with the existing software, which means companies won’t need to spend additional money on integration.

How Does Facial Recognition Work

Face Recognition People

Face Detection

The picture of the targeted face is detected/captured from a video or photo.

Face Analysis

The system will read the geometry of the targeted face. After that, it will match the picture with those in a database. The system examines different nodal points of a human face, such as space between eyes, the shape of cheekbones, etc.

Converting an Image to Data

In the 3rd step, face analysis is then turned into a numerical code known as a face print. Every person has a unique face print.

Finding a Match

In the last step, the face print or code is compared against other face prints from a database. The database usually contains pictures with identification, which can be compared.

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How Accurate is The System

Can a face recognition system be fooled? A lot of people have this concern. Over the years, face recognition technology has improved considerably. The top identification algorithm has an error rate of only 0.8%. So we can say in any condition, a facial recognition system can achieve an accuracy score as high as 99.97%.

Uses of A Facial Recognition Solution in Different Industries

Facial Recognition
A biometric face recognition solution is used to identify and authenticate an individual with the help of verifiable data, specific to that person. At present, facial recognition technology has been used in a variety of places and by a variety of industries. Check out a few major examples below.

Finding Missing Persons

In many countries, face recognition technology is being used to locate missing children and victims of human trafficking. If missing individuals are added to a database, it can be more comfortable for law enforcement agencies to recognize and find the missing people. In India, 3,000 missing children were traced in just four days using facial recognition technology.

Prevention of Shoplifting

shoplifting. Even Walmart confirms that they use an image recognition camera at checkout to notice shoplifting and other frauds. Facial recognition systems can easily detect if any individual shoplifted any product from the store. Even they can identify if the shoplifter has visited the store before.

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Preventing the Purchase of Age-restricted Products

Some bars and wine shops in the United Kingdom use a facial recognition system to determine if the purchaser completes the legal age to buy alcohol or other age-restricted products.


Some banks are using facial recognition to authenticate their customers. With the help of this technology, they’re helping their customers login to their mobile banking apps securely. UK-based Lloyds bank is also planning to bring such a feature using a biometric identification technology.

Data Protection

Numerous mobile applications use face recognition technology to protect data. Such applications need your face to access private data.

Forensic Investigations

Face recognition solutions are also playing an essential role in forensic investigation. They can automatically identify individuals in security footage or other video recordings. The technology can even recognize dead or unconscious individuals at crime scenes.

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What is Facial Recognition and Why Is Needed Today