Virtual Asset Service Providers: The FATF Travel Rule Obligations

Virtual asset service providers, or VASPs, are entities that carry out exchanges between different forms of virtual assets or between virtual assets and fiat currencies. There are many different virtual assets out there. Today, they’re like digital representations of value that can be traded, transferred digitally, or even employed for payment and investment purposes. Read more.

Gabija Stankevičiūtė
Cryptocurrency crimes and identity verification

How Identity Verification is Helping Combat Cryptocurrency Crimes

While the use of cryptocurrency for payment is gradually getting into the mainstream and inviting more users to experience what the fuss is about, regulators seek to implement more robust security measures to tackle the ongoing issue of crypto crimes.

AML policies in USA and compliance guide

AML Regulations in the USA: Everything You Should Know as a Business Owner

Since 2002, more than 38 institutions in USA have reached settlements or pled guilty due to non-compliance with AML regulatory requirements and paid substantial fines in settlements.

NFTs and why KYC prevents fraud

Frauds in NFTs And The Need For KYC

NFTs are believed to be the web3 technological tool that would change the internet economy. While web3 believers have high hope for what NFTs will become, the fraudsters of the internet are making moves in every way to outsmart creators, collectors, and investors.

Top 3 Things to Look for in an Identity Verification Mobile SDK

When choosing an identity verification SDK, it’s important to know the key features to look for. Find out which ones are best suited for your needs.

Face authentication recognises a fraudster

Face Authentication: Why It Completes Your Identity Verification

KYC is a perfect choice for onboarding your customer. It is quick to do and provides all the required information the business needs to know. Coupled with the AML compliance tool, it might seem that your current onboarding process is complete. However, a missing piece here is customer re-authentication after the initial onboarding. This blog […]

Use WordPress plugin for identity verifications

Empower Your WordPress Site with Identity Verification

iDenfy launches a new WordPress plugin to integrate identity verification into your WordPress-powered site seamlessly. Sometimes, you need a quick way to authenticate the customer inside your website. It could be an e-commerce website, online forum, or teaching platform. Regardless of the content, the goal is always the same – customer needs to be verified, and any […]

Identity Verification in the Art Market: Complete Checklist to Prevent Money Laundering

While some use art to awaken their imagination or express themselves, others see it as a great way to invest. You can argue about the taste in art or what piece to put in your living room, but one thing’s for sure: art has always been a part of luxury and an entry into the elite. It also comes with a huge price tag and a possible risk factor. In this article, we discuss how identity verification helps combat fraud in the art market.

Identity document verification

Identity Document Verification: Everything You Need to Know to Ensure Authenticity

The progress of our society and the world we live in is accelerating at an ever-growing pace. With rapid changes unfolding as we go, people ought to change their habits and behavior to adapt and stay practical. One has to run just to stay where they are – and those who reject ways of the new are doomed to fall behind and be overwhelmed by novelty.

Synthetic identity fraud

What is Synthetic Identity Fraud?

Synthetic identities are more popular in the United States due to the heavy reliance on personally identifiable information (PII), like Social Security Numbers (SSNs), for identity verification. As a result, synthetic identity fraud is currently the fastest growing form of financial crime in the US.

Digital onboarding

Digital Onboarding: How it Works and Why it’s Important

Digital onboarding is the remote process of bringing a new customer into a company or enrolling a new user in a service, usually through their mobile device. Its primary aim is to confirm the identity of the individual being onboarded, ensuring that they are indeed the person they claim to be.

Why age verification matters to online businesses

Why Online Age Verification Matters For Your Business

Get some valuable insights about the diverse methods employed for age verification, including cutting-edge technologies and industry best practices. Read more to learn how companies ensure compliance with age restrictions and KYC regulatory requirements.

Identity verification for digital wallets

Identity Verification for the Digital Wallet

Digital wallets have been around for more than a decade now. PayPal is one of the oldest digital wallets and was the first one to offer online banking services. And remember, when the global pandemic hit the world, online banking solutions and digital wallets became critical. Hundreds of households who suffered due to the lockdown used digital wallets to send and receive money.