Use WordPress plugin for identity verifications

Empower Your WordPress Site with Identity Verification

Viktor Vostrikov

iDenfy launches a new WordPress plugin to integrate identity verification into your WordPress-powered site seamlessly.

Sometimes, you need a quick way to authenticate the customer inside your website. It could be an e-commerce website, online forum, or teaching platform. Regardless of the content, the goal is always the same – customer needs to be verified, and any potential payment frauds successfully prevented. Yet, most often, you don’t know where to start. There are no official guidelines; community support is scarce as well. Wouldn’t it be better to focus on Your content and leave onboarding hassles to us? If so, our official WordPress plugin is all you need.

To use our plugin, follow these steps:

  • Type iDenfy in the plugins marketplace search bar.
  • Install it in an already familiar way.
  • Create an iDenfy account and configure your API key & API secret credentials.
  • Finally, generate as many identity verification sessions as You need. The process successfully works without any additional programming code or configuration.

Feel free to contact us and share how onboarding processes have changed your website!