Know Your Business (KYB): Everything You Need to Know

Verifying the legal status of a company, identifying its beneficial owners, and monitoring risks to ensure ongoing compliance are all important stages of Know Your Business verification. But this process remains a mystery to some organizations, often resulting in many challenges.

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Learn about key differences between AML and KYC compliance

KYC and AML Compliance: Key Differences and Best Practices

KYC, AML, CDD… Similar but very different compliance terms that people tend to confuse. While regulations vary across countries and different areas, nowadays, not only financial institutions but many other businesses need to know the differences between the mentioned components to maintain effective Anti-Money Laundering programs.

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Know Your Business (KYB): Detailed Explanation and Examples

Know Your Business (KYB) helps companies understand every aspect of the businesses they have relations with. That’s why there’s no doubt that nowadays it’s a important part of not only regulated companies’ compliance assurance. But what’s so special about this solution? Tune in to find out.

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KYC Guide: The Importance of Identity Verification for Online Gambling

More countries are legalizing online gaming, which led to gambling apps and online casinos being subject to KYC and AML rules. Find out what that means for the rising entertainment industry’s users and businesses.

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AML policies in USA and compliance guide

AML Regulations in the USA: Everything You Should Know as a Business Owner

Since 2002, more than 38 institutions in USA have reached settlements or pled guilty due to non-compliance with AML regulatory requirements and paid substantial fines in settlements.

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How to Verify Proof of Address in 2023? Here’s the Complete Guide

How exactly does the proof of address process look like? Our step-by-step guide will answer all questions related to Address Verification.

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AML Guidelines in the European Union. What Should Financial Companies Know When Applying Business Verification?

Over the past decade, the EU has been considering how to combat the potential illicit flows through banks and other financial institutions. It’s clear that stricter financial processes call for a more robust action plan from all financial players. This time, we’ll review the EU and its standards by providing all the necessary guidelines.

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How to Check if a Company is Legitimate

Especially in business, signing a contract without doing detailed research can result in becoming a money laundering channel. That’s why in today’s complex digital environment, it’s essential to take your time to research every single company that you’re interested in doing business with. 

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What is an Ultimate Beneficial Owner (UBO)?

It’s no secret that analyzing corporate structures and identifying customer identities can be a complex and lengthy process. Today’s businesses must comply with the ever-growing regulations and ensure that the company is safeguarded from being involved in suspicious activities. Institutions that follow Anti-Money Laundering (AML) rules and abide Counter-Terrorist Financing (CTF) need to review their […]

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Know Your Business Verification: All You Need to Know

Online fraud is an epidemic that has infected various industries. Many businesses are going digital, leaving gaps in their security strategies. With less transparency and more complicated regulations, companies choose to search for new automated fraud prevention tools that would help overcome cybersecurity and compliance challenges.

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KYB: What’s The Difference Between KYC

The complexity of money laundering might be a challenge. With the right tools and proper risk assessment, the dangers of fraud can be controlled. More businesses have become aware of this issue, trying to minimize the risks with KYB or Business Verification. Despite that, the question remains ‘How?’, as the number of millions for non-compliance […]

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eKYC: the Future of Verification

eKYC Explained: The Road to Ultimate Digital Onboarding

One thing’s sure. We live in a modern age of technology that has many perks. With the help of the internet, you can find an answer to a complex question in seconds. Such power comes with risk. Today, one of the most talked-about topics is data breach and how the numbers of identity thefts and […]

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AML Screening and Ongoing Monitoring: Effective Risk Assessment

AML Screening and Ongoing Monitoring: the Guide

It’s no secret that money laundering is an issue that raises some concerns. The term was created at the beginning of the 20th Century when the world’s economy was affected by organized criminals or corrupt politicians. At that time, their earnings came from gambling, extortion, bribery, and theft. Naturally, the need to define the situation […]

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