Identity verification in Shopify with Zapier

In this guide, you will learn how to integrate identity verification into your e-commerce website powered by Shopify within ~15 minutes. To make integration fully customizable on your end, we will use our official Zapier plugin to automate workflow.

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Learn on how to choose KYC provider for crypto project.

A Definitive Guide on Crypto KYC for 2023

It’s an open secret that cryptocurrencies were introduced to tackle the problems of centralization and lack of authority in finance after the 2008 financial crisis. They provide financial access to many but have also been used for illegal activities resulting in billions worth of damage.

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The guide to decentralized identity in 2023

The Guide to Decentralized Identity in 2023

The internet has been turned into a gold mine for data. Users have filled up their storage banks with millions of data pieces, defining who they are both digitally and IRL. But now Web3 has birthed a new idea by which humans can safely engage with their data through digital identity.

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Identity Verification WordPress Plugin Setup Guide

We’re happy to present an easy way to get started with identity verification on your website powered by WordPress. Take a look at the bonus section, specifically dedicated to e-commerce customers!

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Understanding Web3 and its Security Measures

The static, the responsive, and the semantic are seen as how the internet has evolved. The evolution of web3 might be slow with current trends, but positive adoption is being noticed. The ultimate question that still gives headaches to some critics is the security factor. Tag along to find out more.

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Cryptocurrency crimes and identity verification

How Identity Verification is Helping Combat Cryptocurrency Crimes

While the use of cryptocurrency for payment is gradually getting into the mainstream and inviting more users to experience what the fuss is about, regulators seek to implement more robust security measures to tackle the ongoing issue of crypto crimes.

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AML policies in USA and compliance guide

AML Regulations in the USA: Everything You Should Know as a Business Owner

Since 2002, more than 38 institutions in USA have reached settlements or pled guilty due to non-compliance with AML regulatory requirements and paid substantial fines in settlements.

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NFTs and why KYC prevents fraud

Frauds in NFTs And The Need For KYC

NFTs are believed to be the web3 technological tool that would change the internet economy. While web3 believers have high hope for what NFTs will become, the fraudsters of the internet are making moves in every way to outsmart creators, collectors, and investors.

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Top 3 Things to Look for in an Identity Verification Mobile SDK

Mobile identity verification SDKs are necessary for fintech mobile applications. The study reveals that 97% of millennials use mobile banking applications. As a result, KYC compliance is a must for financial institutions. The question could arise whether mobile SDK is required or whether web flow is sufficient. The truth is that not a single customer […]

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Face authentication recognises a fraudster

Face Authentication: Why It Completes Your Identity Verification

KYC is a perfect choice for onboarding your customer. It is quick to do and provides all the required information the business needs to know. Coupled with the AML compliance tool, it might seem that your current onboarding process is complete. However, a missing piece here is customer re-authentication after the initial onboarding. This blog […]

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Use WordPress plugin for identity verifications

Empower Your WordPress Site with Identity Verification

iDenfy launches a new WordPress plugin to integrate identity verification into your WordPress-powered site seamlessly. Sometimes, you need a quick way to authenticate the customer inside your website. It could be an e-commerce website, online forum, or teaching platform. Regardless of the content, the goal is always the same – customer needs to be verified, and any […]

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face authentication for identity verification

Improve KYC Process Using Face Authentication

iDenfy launches a face authentication toolkit to authenticate your existing customers by minimizing the account takeover threats There is a constant threat of account takeover to perform high-value transactions or change your sensitive account data. All of those actions should be secured using additional verification. Yet it has to be seamless and not make the […]

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