Identity Verification Stories

Highlights of 2021 – a Year of Growth For iDenfy

What a year! In 2021, iDenfy experienced a great number of exciting partnerships, attracted talented new members, reached a milestone in sales revenue, created various useful products, and received an assembly award for accomplishments in the identity verification world. The mission to stop fraud isn’t easy, but this year’s rapid growth showed that anything’s possible. …

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NFC Identity Verification Process

2021 marks the second year of the global pandemic and another year where the digital world proves its importance in today’s life. With digital communication turning a new page and service providers starting a new phase in online service delivery, online identity verification has become a valuable and critical part of the Know Your Customer …

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Fraud Scoring – Real Time Risk Monitoring

A prevention and detection tool is designed around fraud scores to indicate how high or low fraud risks are. These risk detection solutions allow financial institutions and other businesses to ascertain if the parties they are dealing with are genuine or not. Since financial transactions between such parties are a complex process, there is a …

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Fraud Week: What Is It and Why It’s Important

The discussion about fraud is ever-present in various industries worldwide – and for a good reason. Throughout the years, we, as a society, began to value transparency and fairness to a much greater extent than we did before. Fraud is directly opposing these values, and the demand for attention and prevention of fraud is rising …

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Politically Exposed Person (PEP): Risks and Screening

Throughout the years, governments and institutions try to reduce corruption, fraud, and other illegal and immoral activities globally. It would be tough to find a country with little to no regulations on financial institutions. Anti Money Laundering (AML), Know Your Customer (KYC), and Know Your Business (KYB) guidelines are expanding each year in an attempt …

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Why Know Your Business (KYB) is Important?

The modern, technologically advanced world demands its’ inhabitants to follow an ever-increasing number of guidelines to prevent financial, governmental, and other institutions from disaster. Business verification is one of them. The digitization of our everyday lives sets the stage for more devious fraudulent activities than ever before. And even if it usually gets unnoticed by …

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