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Case Study: June

June strongly believes that the process of finding housing should be an instant experience for their customers. However, before iDenfy, the manual procedures that the platform had in place posed a significant challenge to June’s ability to review all customers’ applications in a timely and secure manner, especially during high season.

Continue reading how June managed to overcome these challenges with iDenfy’s implementation.

The Challenges

June is committed to providing exceptional service to its residents and owners. The company’s 24/7 support team assists residents in resolving maintenance issues promptly. Consequently, the rental platform aims to deliver a level of service that surpasses expectations and sets a new standard in the residential rental industry.

A huge part of an exceptional customer experience for June is ensuring security during the application review process. But as a fast-growing housing company, before iDenfy, June had already received thousands of applications from potential customers interested in renting.

The original applicant verification process at June was conducted manually, with the back-office team in Greece analyzing photos of documents. 

This approach was both time-consuming and challenging for June, as they had to ensure an efficient authentication workflow while maintaining data accuracy. As a result, June’s team noticed an increase in costs associated with the manual verification process as the company scaled up. 

“We strongly believe that the process of finding housing should be an instant experience for our customers. However, the manual verification process posed a significant challenge, especially during high season,” said Daniil Sigal, Director of Product at June.

“That’s why we looked for new automated ways to improve our applicant onboarding process so that we could operate at scale while providing our customers with a seamless experience.”

June also found it challenging to maintain the same high-quality standard of checks when conducting everything manually. This included detecting fake or expired documents, capturing personal data like the applicant’s full name and address, and verifying that the applicant is a real human.

The Solution

June aimed to review its customers’ applications in a more timely and secure manner. So the ultimate goal was to ensure a smooth customer onboarding experience and lift the burden of reviewing thousands of applications manually.

To accomplish the goal of automating the applicant verification process, June conducted research and compiled a list of potential AI-powered ID verification options. June’s team compared the solutions based on their features, user experience, and integration complexity. 

Based on these criteria and to address the challenges behind manual applicant authentication, June made the decision to implement iDenfy’s full-stack ID verification solution as the first step of the new tenant application process.

June chose iDenfy as the preferred solution due to its technical documentation, flexibility, and overall positive end-user experience.

The decision was based on iDenfy’s fraud detection accuracy, which includes liveness detection and facial recognition technology, particularly useful for detecting fraudulent attempts to pass verification, including deepfakes and masks. At the same time, automating identity verification checks meant higher sign-up conversion rates and complete regulatory compliance for June.

“Like any young organization, we used to have many manual processes that were imperfect but have enabled us to grow quickly. Now, we’re addressing them properly in order to operate at scale,” commented Oleh Rybakov, Product Manager at June. 

The Results

Due to the strategic integration of iDenfy, June has observed benefits throughout its business, including internal operations and the customer journey.

Since integrating iDenfy’s cutting-edge verification solution into their applicant onboarding flow, June’s team was able to conduct a comprehensive experimentation process aimed at optimizing the cost of application for tenants.

The switch to a fully automated identity verification process increased application conversion rates in specific regions, which helped June achieve a remarkable improvement of 9%.

What’s more, the benefits have translated to users. June was able to reduce its average verification review time by over 50% while maintaining the same high-quality standards of applicants by utilizing iDenfy’s advanced technology.

“Notably, iDenfy’s integration was further highlighted by the great validation of applicants, which allowed us to maintain our industry-leading rent collection rate of 98.9%.” 

Daniil Sigal, Director of Product at June

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