Supported AML databases

Supported Politically Exposed Persons and Sanctions List 

Politically Exposed Persons

Internal PEPs list. 


OICV-IOSCO, World Bank, United, Nations – Consolidated sanctions list, United Nations – Development, Programme / Ineligibility List, United Nations – Office for Project, Services / Vendor Sanctions, UE – European Bank for Reconstruction & Development, African Development Bank, Asian Development Bank, Pacific Islands – Most Wanted Fugitives, European Union – Consolidated list of sanctions, Interpol. 

European Union 

Europol: Europe Most Wanted. 


Assurance Banque d’Epargne (Sites internet et Entités non autorisés), Registre des gels des avoirs (Consolidated with UN), Gel national des avoirs. 


German Federal Criminal Police, German Police – Most Wanted. 


Polizia Criminale Most Wanted, Banca d’Italia – Eurosistema (Sanction measures).


Most Wanted by Luxembourg Police, Ministry of Finance – Persons/Entities/Organizations targeted in implementation of the resolutions adopted by the UN. 


Court of Magistrates / FIAU. 


The Netherlands National Wanted List, Rijksoverheid. 


Norwegian Black List. 

Russian Federation 

Rosfin Monitoring Russia, Russian individuals, Russian Entities, Non-Russian organisations, Non Russian individuals, The Central Bank of the Russian Federation, Revoked licenses of professional securities market participants, Suspended licenses of professional securities market participants, Detected cases of the misuse of insider information and market manipulation (Market Abuse), Organizations and individuals involved in the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, Individuals / Entities subject to special economic measures. 


Monetary authorities Singapore, Singapore Government TSOFA is direct link to United Nations.


Sanctions & Embargos – SECO. 

United Arab Emirates 

Groups designated terrorist organisations by the UAE. 

United Kingdom 

United Kingdom HM Treasury Consolidated, Most Wanted of United Kingdom – National Crime Agency (NCA). 

United States 

FBI, U.S. Food & Drug Administration, US Marshalls, Denied persons list, Unverified list, Entity list, Non proliferation, Debarred parties, Penalty & Oversight Agreements, Diplomatic Security Service (DSS) Most wanted, Department of Treasury FinCEN, Dpt. Homeland Security-Immigration & Customs, US Drug Enforcement Administration, Commodity Futures Trading Commission “RED list”, Terrorist Exclusion List, Bureau of ATF, Executive Office for Immigration Review, Inter American Development Bank, Financial Crime Enforcement Network – 311 Special Measures, Air Force’s Most Wanted Fugitives, US Army’s Most Wanted Fugitives, U.S. Coast Guard (Department of Homeland Security) Port State Control Division, Naval Criminal Investigative Service (Most Wanted), U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission – FCPA Cases, OFAC-SDN, FSE (OFAC Consolidated: FSE, SSI, Palestinians, Non-SDN, … ). 


Financial Monitoring Service (Same as United Nations), National Security and Defence Council of Ukraine – Individuals, National Security and Defence Council of Ukraine – Entities.