Viktor Vostrikov

Presenting Viktor Vostrikov: One App, Big Responsibilities

Gabija Stankevičiūtė

iDenfy’s team has started to snowball in the past year. You might have already met my colleague – Raminta – and now, it’s my turn to tell the exciting story of how my journey at iDenfy began, and what it’s like to work in the diverse environment of the Fin-tech industry.

I’m Viktor Vostrikov, and I started my career as a mobile developer. My main task was a big one, as I was responsible for creating the app from scratch. For me, this was a deep dive into the complexities of mobile development that came along with a lot of responsibility. Today, I’m iDenfy’s team lead at Mobile Application Development and a Business Development specialist.

Overcoming Difficulties

When it comes to working, it’s safe to say that every team member bumps into some trouble. Whether it’s a tiny issue that can be solved instantly with the help of a colleague, or a complex situation that can be overcome across time, I try to be the coworker who offers his help first.

I’m not shy to admit that I have my own challenges. There are times when I overthink, and some of the troubles are created in my head. Despite that, no matter how big the task is, I always strive to make every detail perfect.

I try to keep myself healthy physically and mentally. A balanced lifestyle has its benefits, and it helps me get through the challenges at work. When I cook, I avoid processed food. I know that if I feel good in the morning, the whole day will be trouble-free. This is why I have a soft spot for meditation. It comforts me and clears my mind.

Setting Multiple Goals

After succeeding with iDenfy’s app and developing the mobile SDKs (mobile software development kits that are a set of tools), I realized I love our Know Your Customer solution and that the world of Identity Verification fascinates me more than I could ever imagine.

Since iDenfy cares about freedom and creativity, I jumped at the opportunity to contribute to the product aspect as well by introducing new features to the app. After the rocky road was left in the past, and I already knew how to handle mobile application development, I offered my help for the web application.

This time, it was much easier for me to apply my problem-solving skills. I consider mobile and web application development very similar because both tasks share the same technique, it is just that the programming language is different.

Being Part Of a Unique Routine

Some would agree that routine is the enemy when it comes to sharing excitement at work. Indeed, I would be lying if I said that I hadn’t bumped into this struggle before. Typically, I do PR reviews, write code, brainstorm ideas, check other teammates’ work, and catch up with new updates.

Despite that, working in iDenfy’s Mobile and Business Development teams is far from monotonous. I feel that this is the place where I truly belong, and for me, it’s easy to maintain an enthusiastic approach regarding the work I do.

My enthusiasm shines through most when I deal with implementing new screens and functionality in mobile development. Since I’m a bit of a geek, I really enjoy writing new lines of code. The business part of the job makes me happy as well, as I’m always excited about researching various industry news and finding new ways to improve iDenfy’s current products.

Using Various Skills

When you step into the world of cyber security, it’s hard to leave it. Many fascinating topics can be discussed and analyzed. That’s precisely why I naturally fell in love with our Identity Verification and Fraud Prevention platform.

I like maneuvering my way through various crypto exchanges, stock trading apps, and payment systems. When I’m off work, I also use this time to relax and read what our competitors have to say. That’s my initiative, as I can’t help but compare our products with other solutions. Such critical thinking helps me evaluate iDenfy’s service. With the combination of coding opportunities, I’m very grateful to use my skills across different internal systems.

Turning The Dream Into Reality

I strive to be a great asset to my team and the whole company. When you have the right opportunity, I believe that anything’s possible. At the start of my career as an Android developer, I had some freelancing projects. Before landing this job, I didn’t have actual office experience. This didn’t stop me from dreaming about working in a startup.

After scanning numerous companies, I came across a catchy name. This was when I discovered iDenfy, and from that moment, I knew that I couldn’t skip the chance to code something more complex and nuanced. Now, bringing myself back to the first day at the office, I remember every detail vividly. It was a pleasant experience which, to this day, helps me appreciate my colleagues and the diverse environment at iDenfy.

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