Filter customer’s IP to improve transparency

Real-time anonymous IP detection, and scoring. Prevent fraud in its tracks with seamless intervention.

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Industry leading IP address verification

Proxies are used in 97% of cyber fraud cases. AN Anonymous IP address (Proxy) can be the first clear sign of fraudulent intentions. No matter if it is in user onboarding or transaction time, scanning the geolocation of your customer can prevent unwanted losses.

Fraudster seperation from real customers using proxy detection
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Detection of all types of proxies supported

Our vast and daily updated anonymous IP addresses database includes all types of proxies/anonymizers:

  • Virtual private networks (VPN)
  • Residential proxies
  • Black market & private proxies
  • Premium proxies
  • Socks 4 / 5
  • Hosting provider/data centres
  • TOR and public proxies
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Intelligent Risk Scoring

We do not just detect the anonymity of the IP in real-time but provide you with the risk score that can help decide the next steps of such transactions.

  • Very Low - IP address is clear and safe
  • Low - Some anomalies with IP address detected but no fraudulent cases associated
  • Medium - IP address has been flagged as suspicious, recommended to make additional verification
  • High - IP address has been associated with fraud case or recently reported as very suspicious, recommended to make enhanced additional verification
  • Very High - Recently IP address has been reported in several fraud cases, recommended to decline transaction
ID Document Verification Dashboard

IP based Smart Verification

Trigger additional verification based on your own custom rules

  • If IP address risk is Low proceed order
  • If IP address risk is Medium verify customer's identity with quick identity verification
  • If IP address risk is High verify customer's utility bill and identity using advance liveness detection
  • If IP address risk is Very High cancel order