iDenfy Through Adomas’ Eyes: Motivation, Challenges, and All That Jazz

If you’re not up to speed with iDenfy’s tech environment, now’s the chance to catch up. This time, we’re presenting our Product Owner, Adomas Vitkauskas!

Do you think it’s good to rely on other people for help? No matter the answer you’ve picked, specialists like Adomas must always be ready to make important decisions. Some can be simple, others more complex, but it’s the Product Owner’s job to lead the team, prioritize tasks, and coordinate decisions. Of course, the list goes on.  

Let’s not waste time and jump right in to see what Adomas himself has to say about his experience as the one and only Product Owner at iDenfy. 

Quick Intro

Hi, everyone! I’m humbled to be invited and have some spotlight on our blog. It’s always hard to describe myself, as I feel like I’m constantly developing as a person. iDenfy contributes to my self-improvement a lot since working with technology pushes you to turn your dynamic levels up and adjust to the environment around you. Despite that, I don’t get an overwhelming feeling when I think about it. I love overcoming obstacles and facing new challenges. 

Why Freedom and Passion Hold Value 

The most important thing in life, if we don’t count our health, for me, is being free. I feel like we shouldn’t take it for granted. People are free to be passionate about anything, and it’s natural to be inspired more by self-assured individuals who have interesting stories to tell. 

That’s why passionate people and their stories inspire me. For example, how Ukrainians are fighting for our Freedom, how they share the motivation with each other, how they celebrate every small win, etc. It’s always amazing to watch and experience stories where strong people are the main characters. 

Rocky Start Led to Major Achievements

Believe it or not, I can confidently say that every part of my job is still very exciting. As a Product Owner, I know I’m an independent problem-solver when it comes to certain duties. Despite that, without my team, I wouldn’t see such rapid results and achievements. Hopefully, some of you will read this blog – I’d like to give huge kudos to my teammates and all their long hours of work. 

We’re putting the majority of our effort into product development right now. Alongside the increasing speed of creating new tools for iDenfy, we’re also focusing more on marketing. My story about joining this startup was a textbook example of a pleasant yet challenging start. There were many tasks for me already lined up.

The team onboarded me and helped me to go through the process with transparent communication, which I appreciate. That’s why when iDenfy welcomed me last January, everything was different back then, including system functionality and design, not to mention our website. When we’re working hard, and it pays off with positive results, you wake up the next morning excited to head to the office. 

The Importance of Taking Chances 

Before iDenfy, I was a student. I used my free time to take as many chances as possible, which led me to try out all kinds of different jobs. I put myself in various specialists’ shoes, even if it was challenging at times. I was a recruiter, an assistant accountant, a sales representative, as well as a customer support specialist.

Being busy and having a full agenda helped me stay motivated and productive both at work and at university. I believe this is the core factor in having a leader’s mindset. As a Product Owner right now, I really love changing the working environment even a few times a day. Sometimes, I start working at home, then later head to the office. Other times, I come back home before my shift is over. That definitely boosts my productivity. 

Challenging But Not Impossible

Let me do some quick math. An honest equation is that only around 10% of my daily duties at work are repetitive. That leaves the other part of 90% consisting of various challenges. For instance, it’s not always easy to get on impromptu calls with our clients. They expect instant solutions to custom problems, including major system improvements.

That’s why it’s challenging to investigate the best possible approaches and, at the same time, manage all the tasks properly. Even if it’s an unpopular opinion, I believe that such challenges are the most thrilling part of being a Product Owner. Of course, that’s the reason why I can grow at iDenfy. This environment helped me assess different scenarios and make essential choices that led to positive changes. 

Product Owner 101: Going All Out 

Everyone has some sort of routine at work, including myself. Despite that, every day in iDenfy is vibrant and, sometimes, full of surprises. That motivates me to go all out and do everything in my power to achieve our goals. From the very beginning, I had the opportunity to voice out my opinions and make decisions. Proportionately, I learned to appreciate my responsibilities, even more, encouraging me to push myself and my team forward. Of course, I can’t do it all alone.

iDenfy has created a great company culture where the management hears all employees and their expectations. This makes my work much more fun while improving the overall workflow. I have a trusted relationship with my team. Even if we’re hit with a long list of challenging tasks, we always find a way to overcome such a frenzy. That’s the best part about in-person meetings, you get to see your colleagues and chat with them. We now developed a habit of watching basketball games at the office as well. 

Before we wrap it up, here are the top 5 facts about me that you probably didn’t know yet:

  1. I’m good at complaining but bad at household chores, for sure.
  2. I wanted to be a basketball player when I was little. 
  3. My life motto is “It’s darkness without science”. 
  4. People call me a good person, and that’s the best compliment I’ve received. 
  5. I love playing tennis, bicycling, running, skiing, traveling, gaming, and more!

And that’s it. We’ve come to an end, at least regarding this short story about Adomas, iDenfy’s Product Owner. 

If you’d like to become part of the team, don’t hesitate to send us your resume here. We’re always searching for talented, like-minded individuals who are willing to join the fast-growing startup community. 

And don’t forget to check our blog to find out more about our team and what it’s like to be part of iDenfy. 

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