10 Tips for Successful Identity Verification with iDenfy

Cybercriminals violate individuals’ privacy to make identity-related frauds. In comparison to other forms of crime, cybercrime involves low risk and is lucrative. Consequently, cyber attackers engage in this fraud game to make money quickly. Luckily, you can prevent identity theft by investing in a powerful ID verification solution.

10 Tips for Successful Identity Verification with iDenfy

Richard A. Clarke, the former US National Coordinator for Security, once said, “If you spend more on coffee than on IT security, then you will be hacked.” The statement seems relevant in the current scenario. And there’s a good reason for that.

According to the latest statistics, between 2023 and 2027, online payment fraud is projected to reach a cost of $343 billion for businesses. Moreover, in 2023, e-commerce fraud is estimated to cost the global retail sector $48 billion.

At iDenfy, we let you verify your identity quickly and securely from the comfort of your home. While identity verification with iDenfy is straightforward, some novices make mistakes, resulting in unsuccessful identity checks.

Prior to completing a verification check or simply attempting the verification process, it’s important to understand the company’s specific verification requirements fully. Certain businesses may request particular documents, so it’s crucial to have them available.

Below, we have put together ten tips following which you can complete the identity verification with iDenfy successfully.

Note: We do not verify customers’ identities through email due to some regulations.

How to Complete the Identity Verification with iDenfy

1. Use Your Full Legal Name

Even if you have a fancy nickname matching your personality, you need to use a full legal name. When registering on any of the platforms, remember that your name should be as it is in the actual ID document. Write spellings carefully.

2. Ensure Good Lighting

Perhaps low-light photography is in the trend. However, for us, good lighting is essential to review your facial details. Therefore, make sure you’re in a well-lit area. Don’t forget to ensure that your device is equipped with a high-quality camera and maintains a stable internet connection.

Dark rooms and background light can make it difficult for us to see your face. It’s a very common error, but be aware that lighting should be in front of you (not behind) so that the picture is visible. Besides this, try to keep your face in the white frame. Don’t wear glasses, headphones, masks, etc.

If the picture is blurry or dark, click on the ‘Retake’ button to try again.

A short video showcasing how to take a good photo. Use good lighting and don't cover your face.

3. Be Quick But Don’t Hurry

Come on. You’re not participating in the Olympic race! As harsh as it may sound, you don’t need to lose your inner peace. So take your time. You have 10 minutes to complete the verification process before the session closes. Just have your ID document ready so that you can show it immediately. Follow all the instructions one by one without constraint.

10 minutes for identity verification

4. Use a Good Camera and Internet Connection

Sometimes, terrible camera quality and low internet speed are the culprits of a failed verification. In fact, the majority of verification failures occur due to poor camera or internet quality. Unfortunately, an old smartphone with a low-quality camera can impact your picture’s quality. If you have a high-end device but still face a picture quality issue, check the lens. Sometimes, the lens is dirty.

Apart from this, don’t forget to check your internet connection. Do not refresh the browser during the verification process. This will help you complete the verification more smoothly.

A person cleaning his phone camera with a cloth

To complete the identity verification with iDenfy, you need to capture your ID document and your face. It will only take 30 seconds or less! For the best results, complete the verification process independently and without interruptions. Remember, this is a voluntary process, and no one can compel you to go through with it.

It depends on where you found our solution integrated, but sometimes, especially when using a desktop/laptop device, you may be asked to download our app as an alternative method. That will help you with a simpler verification process.

A screenshot displaying the steps for downloading the iDenfy app

Just enter an eight-digit code displayed in the web browser, then choose your document’s issuing country and document type. See — it’s a straightforward process, even for a novice.

Screenshot of the iDenfy mobile application where it asks to pick a country and document type

Note: We advise using the Chrome browser for Android and Safari browser for iOS devices. Avoid Chrome on iPhones.

5. Go Through Verification On Your Own

Our remote identity verification system is more secure than face-to-face verification. However, we don’t deny the act of coercion in identity verification. Generally, it happens with older adults. We understand that technology is not their cup of tea. Sometimes, they need friendly assistance.

Nevertheless, friendly assistance is one thing, and coercion is another. If we doubt or notice any sign of threat, we strictly reject such identification. It’s only natural that completing the identity verification process in isolation is safer because it reduces the risk of unauthorized individuals gaining access to your personal data or attempting to influence the process negatively.

6. Have a Valid ID

At iDenfy, we accept different types of ID documents for verification. You can submit your passport, ID card, driving license or residence permit. However, your ID document should not be dog-chewed or personalized with the drawing of your loving kids. We don’t accept physically damaged ID documents. In other words, please make sure that your ID is neither expired nor physically compromised.

7. Choose the Right Document Type

To not mess anything up right from the start, select the correct ID document type for the verification. You can easily understand when the document type is wrong. If you’re using an ID card or resident permit, you’ll need to take a picture of both sides. On the other hand, for a passport, capture the page that contains your details and photo. Ensure the entire page is in view, including the machine-readable zone (MRZ) located at the bottom of the page. Moreover, choose a legit ID document that has all its corners visible.

A short video showing a person picking the country and document type on an identity verification app

8. Capture Passport Carefully

Since passports contain several pages, people get confused about which page they need to capture. Capture the main page that includes your picture and details such as name, date of birth, and passport number. In short, you need to capture your photo and the entire MRZ that encloses your personal data.

Example of a correct photo of a passport showing all of the identifiable information

9. Take a Picture of Both Sides if required

Don’t forget that ID documents and residence permits have essential information on both sides. So, kindly capture both of them. Don’t worry, it’s simple, just follow the provided instructions.

A short video showing a person taking a picture of both sides of her ID document

10. Take Sharp Photos

You must click a sharp picture of your ID document. Apart from this, make sure the light reflection or your fingers don’t hide the primary information. If the ID is blurry or unreadable, kindly retake the photo. Ensure your ID document fits the white frame (the edges of the document are as close as possible to the frame).

A short video showing tips on how to take a correct ID card photo

If you fail to verify yourself, you’ll need to get a new link for identification.

The verification process takes ten minutes. However, our KYC experts typically manually review your data in between one and ten minutes. We’ll notify you once we verify your identity.

If your identification gets rejected for any reason, contact our support team by sending an email to support@idenfy.com.

For more information about iDenfy, book a meeting.

This blog post was updated on the 25th of October, 2023, to reflect the latest insights.

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