Ugnė Explains What it Means to be a Team Lead

Hello, September! While the weather is getting colder, we advise you to grab a cup of coffee, sit back and relax while you learn more about another wonderful member of the team – Ugnė – our Data Review Specialists’ Team Lead.

Managing other specialists is not as easy as it might seem at first glance. As a team leader, according to Ugnė, you are responsible for pushing others to reach their maximum potential. That’s why many leaders face difficult challenges every day.

So the real question is, how does Ugnė motivate her team? Continue reading the article to find out if there are any secret skill sets that every team lead must have. 

Quick Intro

Hi there, I’m Ugnė. My co-workers describe me as a hardworking badass, which, not going to lie, feels like an accomplishment that I can be proud of. From what I can remember, I was always into technology. The more I understood how it works, especially when I joined iDenfy, the more I felt that nothing in the universe was out of reach. That said, it’s nice to have a platform, like our blog, to voice our opinions and share thoughts about what it’s like to be part of iDenfy from a personal perspective. 

Inspiration and Aspiration

What makes someone so great that you look up to them? I believe that deep down, every person wants to feel loved and appreciated. Some are more courageous than others. I can’t say that my goal in life is to make massive changes or leave a mark in this world. However, by desiring to change and having a strong mindset, you can determine your place in life easier.

I see myself as a person who’s open to inspiration because I think that such people are more likely to experience it. Of course, I’ve been inspired by an extraordinary number of people throughout my life, including random heroes. For example, I still love my-childhood idols, Joan of Arc (French: Jeanne d’Arc) and Freddie Mercury. When I was about ten, I realized I adore rebellious personalities, especially women. I guess I always wanted to be independent and didn’t like being told what to do. 

The Love for Stand-Up Comedy

One of the coolest ways to relieve stress is comedy. Here’s the thing. Comedians are genuine, and most of them are really smart people, especially if we talk about stand-up. They turn bad situations into fun and relatable stories. It’s all possible because comedians are observant without fearing other people and their opinions. Sometimes, life’s absurd, and that’s okay. You just have to laugh it off.

In a sense, you can learn lots of things from stand-up comedians. For instance, they put themselves in uncomfortable positions, bringing out the adrenaline from the audience. The speakers always have a top-tier confidence level, and they seem very laid-back. I truly think that comedians need to improve their creativity and constantly sharpen their minds. As a team lead, I can relate to that. 

Why Being Emotional is a Good Thing

Nobody wants to feel stressed out, but when it comes to people’s jobs, it’s natural to worry about certain tasks. As a team lead, you have more responsibilities. I noticed that it’s very important to stay consistent, even if it’s not easy sometimes. The lack of communication is what kills the team and its spirit. I constantly battle myself a bit, trying to find the perfect balance. I can’t be a best friend to every member of the team, and that’s why I try to set clear boundaries. 

I absolutely agree that approachability or availability is what drives me to be a good team lead. As the lead player, you need to learn how to handle your emotions, which means that you need to control your feelings before they start to control you. I’m always open to showing my sensitive side at work. If something’s not going well, or people in my team are dealing with personal stuff, I encourage them to talk about it or take a day off work in case they need to rest. 

Self-Awareness is an Essential Trait 

Defining my values and creating a detailed agenda at work helped me build my personality as a team lead. I don’t know what’s the key to motivation, but I believe that every team member needs to take responsibility at work. Motivation is something that you create as an individual. I try to boost confidence and encourage my team members to do the same. If you’re appreciated, you’ll feel good about yourself and your work.

Being a team lead taught me that self-awareness is extremely important. When you see yourself clearly, you can evolve and make better decisions, ultimately leading others to do the same. Generally, I think results measure how successful you are at work. Leading the team and seeing all of the members’ efforts to achieve the same goal is the best feeling. Everyone on the team gets to celebrate success and learn from failures. 

You’re all set, and now you know Ugnė a little bit better. 

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