PDF417 And iDenfy’s Barcode Scanning Feature

A barcode is a simple way of data representation through a visual, machine-readable form. Representing data through a machine-readable format is an effective way that is used worldwide: from government documents to grocery billing, etc. Among its many forms, PDF417 is a popular barcode type that is in use today. The PDF417 barcode is a […]

Gabija Stankevičiūtė
Liveness Detection to prevent Spoofing Attack

Liveness Detection to prevent Spoofing Attack

If you think biometric face recognition systems are not vulnerable to spoofing attacks, you’re mistaken. Over the past few years, biometric face spoofing attack have increased significantly all across the globe. Nowadays, hackers are trying everything possible (from 3D mask to printed photos) to bypass biometric face authentication systems. Even they’re using photos from Facebook […]