Digital Onboarding: How it Works and Why it’s Important

Digital onboarding is the remote process of bringing a new customer into a company or enrolling a new user in a service, usually through their mobile device. Its primary aim is to confirm the identity of the individual being onboarded, ensuring that they are indeed the person they claim to be.

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PDF417 and iDenfy’s barcode scanning feature

What is PDF417 and Barcode Scanning?

A barcode is a simple way of data representation through a visual, machine-readable form. Representing data through a machine-readable format is an effective way that is used worldwide, from government documents to grocery billing, etc. Among its many forms, PDF417 is a popular barcode type used today. The PDF417 barcode is a variable-length, 2D stacked […]

Why Age Verification Matters to Online Businesses?

Why Online Age Verification Matters For Your Business

Get some valuable insights about the diverse methods employed for age verification, including cutting-edge technologies and industry best practices. Read more to learn how companies ensure compliance with age restrictions and KYC regulatory requirements.

Proxy Detection: Evolving as a Global Service

What Is a Proxy Network? Learn About Cybersecurity [Updated 2023]

A proxy is a type of web connection that helps users bypass the network filtering system by changing the user’s IP address. In this article, we go deeper into the world of cybersecurity and one of the most fascinating concepts — proxies.

Enhanced Due Diligence Checklist

Enhanced Due Diligence: Complete Checklist for 2024

When you start dealing in business, companies usually focus on the profit instead of who they’re dealing with. But as times change and online frauds increase staggeringly, companies are taking customer identity verification and due diligence very seriously.

5 Industries that Artificial Intelligence Will Change Forever

5 Industries that Artificial Intelligence Will Change Forever

Artificial intelligence, machine learning, and deep learning technologies have become widely accepted and are now being embraced by businesses worldwide. While these technologies offer significant potential to enhance operational quality within the corporate realm, they also possess the capability to potentially disrupt various established markets.

Identity verification for digital wallets

Identity Verification for the Digital Wallet

Digital wallets have been around for more than a decade now. PayPal is one of the oldest digital wallets and was the first one to offer online banking services. And remember, when the global pandemic hit the world, online banking solutions and digital wallets became critical. Hundreds of households who suffered due to the lockdown used digital wallets to send and receive money.

First Party, Second Party, and Third Party Frauds

First-Party, Second-Party, and Third-Party Fraud

The increased popularity in digital spheres, such as fintech, e-commerce, or iGaming, has opened new avenues for fraud, posing higher risks for businesses and consumers, such as identity theft or data breaches. In this blog post, we’ll explore the evolving types of fraud, their causes, and ways to avoid them more effectively.

Identity Verification in The Transport Industry

Identity Verification in The Transport Industry

While digital transformation has been taking the logistics and transportation sector to a new height, it has made the industry an easy target for cybercrime. Cyberattack on Maersk, German Railways, and Kyiv Airport has stunned the entire transport industry worldwide. Until such incidents happened, no one ever imagined that the industry could be the target […]

10 Tips for Successful Identity Verification with iDenfy

10 Tips for Successful Identity Verification with iDenfy

Cybercriminals violate individuals’ privacy to make identity-related frauds. In comparison to other forms of crime, cybercrime involves low risk and is lucrative. Consequently, cyber attackers engage in this fraud game to make money quickly. Luckily, you can prevent identity theft by investing in a powerful ID verification solution.

Identity Theft: Definition, Prevention, and Examples

Identity theft is a serious concern all across the globe. It’s a crime of obtaining personal details of another person to commit fraud. There are numerous identity theft types, ranging from synthetic identity theft to social security identity theft to financial identity theft. Each theft can harm you in different ways, but you can prevent them by using simple tips and tricks. Let’s find out what these tips are.

Identity Verification in The Healthcare Industry-cover

Identity Verification in the Healthcare Industry

With technological advancements, the healthcare industry is increasing rapidly all across the globe. However, it’s also true that these advancements have brought numerous threats to the industry. Two of the major among them are identity theft and data breaches.

ID Protection: Secure IDs with Transparent Security Features

Forgery is a serious crime all across the globe. While there is provision for punishments and penalties in this crime, it has been increasing rapidly. Over the years, the public authority took various steps for ID Protection, but nothing proved beneficial. Using transparent security features or elements to protect ID design can help prevent or minimize forgery. In banknotes, technology has proved useful in preventing tampering.