Identity Verification in the Education Sector

Started by religious institutions, the education system and teaching style have changed significantly in modern times. Thanks to technology, distance and e-learning are possible nowadays. However, over the years, the education sector has faced various challenges due to these technological advancements. Cyber attacks such as phishing, data breaches, and identity theft are a few common issues the industry deals with. Fortunately, these threats can be minimized to a large extent, with a proper identity verification setup.

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Top 3 Benefits of Flexible Identity Verification

Top 3 Benefits of Flexible Identity Verification

Since identity theft cases are growing rapidly, every business needs to set up an advanced verification solution to ensure that only authentic people are using their platform. The verification is essential from your view’s user experience point. Read more.

Identity Verification in The Travel industry

Identity Verification in the Travel industry

Due to technological advancements, the travel industry has seen numerous changes over the years. It has become easier for travel companies to sell their services and improve customer experience. However, technology has also increased the risk of different types of fraud in the industry. Data breaches, stolen security credentials are a few common threats to the industry. If used properly, the role of identity verification can prove useful to eliminate these risks to a great extent.

GDPR – Regulation in Law on Data Protection & Privacy in the EU

GDPR – Data Protection & Privacy in the EU

GDPR, or General Data Protection Regulation, is one of the most stringent security laws globally. It was implemented in 2018 to set guidelines for collecting and processing personal information from people living in the European Union. The GDPR applies to all the businesses operating in the EU and those delivering services to European customers.

Digital Identity & Customer Relationship

Digital Identity & Customer Relationship

Gone are the days when customers were loyal to one brand. Since they have many options, they can switch to your competitor anytime if you don’t provide them with an exceptional user experience. Many businesses don’t realize this, but customers are concerned about their data security and the data protection counts for user experience. So, if you want to improve your customer relationship and ensure your customers feel confident throughout their buying journey, implement a robust identity verification solution.

Identity Verification in the Telecommunication Industry

Identity Verification in the Telecommunication Industry

Identity verification has turned into a vital tool to detect and prevent fraud in every industry, and telecommunication is no exception. Since telecommunication is directly or indirectly associated with several essential services such as national security, health, finance, etc., identity verification matters more in the telecom industry. While the industry struggles with several identity threats, […]

5 Ways Fraudsters perform Identity Theft

Top Key Ways Fraudsters Commit Identity Theft

Every year, numerous businesses worldwide get hit with billions of dollars in losses due to identity fraud. They even don’t realize how they become the victim of identity theft. In this blog post, we’ll make you familiar with common ways fraudsters commit identity theft and solutions to prevent it.

Identity Verification in The Retail & eCommerce Industry

Identity Verification in Retail & eCommerce

Discover the crucial role of identity verification in the thriving retail & eCommerce industry. Learn how businesses can enhance security, build trust, and combat fraud with advanced verification solutions.

Understanding: Machine Readable Zone

Understanding: Machine Readable Zone

Wondering what is a machine-readable zone (MRZ)? Do you want to know its role in identity verification? If the answer to these questions is “yes.” Read this blog until the end. MRZ or Machine Readable Zone is a particular area in an identity document (passport specifically) that encloses the document holder’s personal data. Nowadays, almost […]

What is Optical Character Recognition?

What is Optical Character Recognition (OCR)?

Optical Character Recognition is revolutionizing the businesses of almost all types. In every industry, it plays a crucial role in improving productivity, accuracy, customer experience, and data security. Wondering what exactly it is? Read this post.

Identity Verification in The Sharing Economy

Identity Verification in the Sharing Economy

The sharing economy has many benefits – from minimizing environmental effects to offering self-employment opportunities to developing business possibilities. However, this industry has some challenges, as well. In this blog post, we will discuss those challenges and discover how identity verification can help them. Tune in!

Identity Checks: Fast and Secure Onboarding Process

Identity Checks: How to Build a Fast and Secure Onboarding Process?

Identity checks are essential in modern times for any business. Not only do they help you determine if the information provided to you by your clients or customers is legit or it relates to a real person but also ensure that your prospective clients are not engaged in any fraud activities. Additionally, you avoid hefty fines for not complying with KYC and AML directives. If you want to know more about identity checks, here is the complete guide for you.

Understanding: Customer Due Diligence

Understanding: Customer Due Diligence

CDD or Customer Due Diligence is an ideal way to determine whether or not a potential customer is worthy. It is a crucial element of managing your risk and protecting your business against financial crimes. If you want to know everything about Customer Due Diligence, read this post until the end.