Identity Document Verification: Everything You Need to Know to Ensure Authenticity

The progress of our society and the world we live in is accelerating at an ever-growing pace. With rapid changes unfolding as we go, people ought to change their habits and behavior to adapt and stay practical. One has to run just to stay where they are – and those who reject ways of the new are doomed to fall behind and be overwhelmed by novelty.

Gabija Stankevičiūtė

ID Protection: Secure IDs with Transparent Security Features

Forgery is a serious crime all across the globe. While there is provision for punishments and penalties in this crime, it has been increasing rapidly. Over the years, the public authority took various steps for ID Protection, but nothing proved beneficial. Using transparent security features or elements to protect ID design can help prevent or minimize forgery. In banknotes, technology has proved useful in preventing tampering.

How to Spot a Fake ID & Protect Your Business from it

How to Spot a Fake ID & Protect Your Business from it

Identity documents play a crucial role in both our professional and personal lives. But with the mass use of AI, more advanced methods of creating counterfeit IDs and all sorts of fraudulent increases. This post will guide you on how to spot a fake ID by combining technology and human efforts.