How to Create a Strong Password? [2024 Guide]

Is your password a minimum of 12 characters in length? Not only this, but also other important password factors determine the level of security.

Gabija Stankevičiūtė
ID Document Verification as a Solution to the Challenges of the Digital

Identity Document Verification: Everything You Need to Know to Ensure Authenticity

The progress of our society and the world we live in is accelerating at an ever-growing pace. With rapid changes unfolding as we go, people ought to change their habits and behavior to adapt and stay practical. One has to run just to stay where they are – and those who reject ways of the new are doomed to fall behind and be overwhelmed by novelty.

What is Synthetic Identity Fraud?

Synthetic identities are more popular in the United States due to the heavy reliance on personally identifiable information (PII), like Social Security Numbers (SSNs), for identity verification. As a result, synthetic identity fraud is currently the fastest growing form of financial crime in the US.

First Party, Second Party, and Third Party Frauds

First-Party, Second-Party, and Third-Party Fraud

The increased popularity in digital spheres, such as fintech, e-commerce, or iGaming, has opened new avenues for fraud, posing higher risks for businesses and consumers, such as identity theft or data breaches. In this blog post, we’ll explore the evolving types of fraud, their causes, and ways to avoid them more effectively.

Identity Verification in the Telecommunication Industry

Identity Verification in the Telecommunication Industry

Identity verification has turned into a vital tool to detect and prevent fraud in every industry, and telecommunication is no exception. Since telecommunication is directly or indirectly associated with several essential services such as national security, health, finance, etc., identity verification matters more in the telecom industry. While the industry struggles with several identity threats, […]